2- Ideas stored in neuron-net

To: Henrik Ehrsson – Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Dear Professor Ehrsson,

I assume that all neurologists would like to know how information (ideas) are encrypted and stored in our brain. I have never read any reasonable publication on this subject, but I have no good access to this kind of scientific publications. What is your understanding?

Please, explain to me, how my understanding of infinity could ever being encrypted in any thinkable way among neurons?

The only way to explain the storage of my understanding of infinity in my brain is: There is at least one neuron which represents my understanding of infinity and its varous connections to other ideas. Infinity can only being represented by a supersign, which must be understood by a spiritual entity.

All neurons are smart spiritual entities with specific goals during lifetime of the person. There is a base set of neurons connected to form the body function as required by a homo sapiens. There are far more neurons at birth with no specific goal but to connect to the proper neuron as the persons understanding of ideas is growing.

I want to convince you in my view of the world. You should have the required basic understanding of human beings and the required disciplin of scientific thinking.

I am using the word “Experience-Entity” for a single entity, we use many different words for, like mind, consciousness, ego, self, spirit, intellect and others. It is only one descrete entity, it is the real ME. We do not yet know what the “Experience-Entity” is made of or where it is located. But our “Experience-Entity” is the very only we can really be sure of, that it exists. Everything else we are able to experience and understand is within this “Experience-Entity”. All emotions, all awarenesses, all ideas we know of, all our understanding of matter, all wishes and all we want and decide is performed within our “Experience-Entity” in our ME.

If you do some introspection of your “Experience-Entity”, what can you experience? All you can see (experience) are various emotions and various ideas. Everything your “Experience-Entity” can contain are emotions and ideas, nothing else. All the understanding of your world is made of this.

Even the perception of your body and its various components is only experienced within your “Experience-Entity”. The paramount question for all kinds of scientific understanding is therefore:

How do all those emotions and ideas come into our “Experience-Entity”.

The current scientific approach is to ask “how do all our experiences come into our body consisting of dead matter entities”. This is the wrong approach. You should not use an unproven assumption to find any truth (matter dogma). There is no evidence that matter is not just made of spiritual entities representing those ideas, we perceive, if we “see it”. Remember, our “Experience-Entity can only deal with ideas and emotions”.

Let us do some math, considering the set theory. There is a infinite large set of elements, where each element is an IDEA. I call the set of all ideas, the Idea-Continuum. It contains all possible ideas which can be recognised and understood by a consciousness. The Idea-Continuum is my vision of God.

  • Where in the threedimensional universe can you locate an IDEA?
  • Where can ideas be understood?

Ideas can only exist in a spiritual entity. Only spiritual entities can understand ideas. It is very likely that our “Experience-Entity” is just a spiritual entity. It is also very likely that matter is also just a set of Ur-Ideas represented by spiritual entities. You will never be able to locate our consciousness in our material brain, as long as you consider matter entities as dead, dumb and as threedimensional objects.

The memory capacity of our “Experience-Entity” is very limited, see Miller’s magic number and Miller’s law. It depents therefore on an exterior memory with unlimited capacity within an other spiritual entity. This is the neuron network in our body. All ideas, our “Experience-Entity” perceives and understands are contained in our neuron-network.

Our body is an other spiritual entity consisting of very many different spiritual matter entities which are entangled to form the idea of the human body. Our “Experience-Entity” is a not matter entity which is separated from all matter entities, but it is entangled for lifetime with our body containing no understanding of any idea at start.

If you continue the introspection of your “Experience-Entity”, you will realize, that all your memories and knowledge is not instantly available, as it would be, if it would be stored within your “Experience-Entity”. If you want recall something specific, you need to call your body to deliver it and all of a sudden, it is in your “Experience-Entity”.

The threedimensional space (R3) is just one of those UR-Ideas from the Idea-Continuum. All matter entities in universe understand and use this UR-Idea. It is the UR-Idea used to form the idea of separated existence, of location, of distance, of volume, of body, of movement, of speed and of relativity etc..

All spiritual entities in the universe contain their species specific subset of the Idea-Continuum, defined by the creator of the universe. You understand now that the universe is just an IDEA. The universe is realized and created by the “Experience-Entities” of all matter entities, defining their own relative existence and actions to other matter entities using the UR-Idea of threedimensinal space (R3).

There is no real universe as we vision it. But the idea R3 is used by all matter entities and therefore it is factual real for everyone. The idea of R3 is used by all matter entities, including our body.

If you will further analyse the Idea-Continuum, you will find always some kind of a subset of ideas, where all elements have something in common and all elements have something unique. I call this subset a UR-Idea. An example is the UR-Idea bicicle. There ar very many differnt kinds of bicicles, but all have something in common, as you see.

The common part of all elements is the center of an Ur-Idea. All the unique variations of the Ur-Idea are connected to an other Ur-idea’s center in the Idea-Continuum. In the case of bicycle, the center of the bicycle idea has connections to all the various ideas of different wheels.

Any UR-Idea as it is understood by a person with its different variations forms therefore a certain structure within the Idea-Continuum. The structure of our neuron net follows this structure in the Idea-Continuum considering the ideas used for the basic individual homo sapiens at birth and his current evolutionary status.

The way those neurons will connect during lifetime depend on the various ideas, our “Experience-Entity” learns to understand. It is within the nature of ideas, that the understanding of a complex idea requires first the understanding of the less complex ideas forming the complex idea. (This is the process of evolution)

This is the way our neurons are beeing connected. They are connected in the way the person learns. This is true for any kind of idea, including the fine detailed steering of our body, our “Experience-Entity” had to learn while learning the R3 idea as the base for further exploring the rest of the ideas in universe.

Any neuron knows what idea it is responsible for. But the neuron itself is already a very complex idea consisting of many other matter ideas forming the process functionality of the neuron idea.

As more dentrites a neuron has connected to other neurons, as a more complex idea it can deliver via a axon to the next higher neuron. The most complex level summary of the complete neuron-net of the current beat of neurons is casted to our “Experience-Entity” providing awareness of the moment.

What scientific test setup could you imagine to prove or disprove my statements?

My best regards, Peter

Send at October 15th, 2019