3- Why don’t we see pixels in our field of vision?

To: Henrik Ehrsson – Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Dear Professor Ehrsson,

The paramount question for all kinds of scientific understanding is:

How do all those emotions and ideas come into our “Experience-Entity”, into our ME.

It is obvious that our “Experience-Entity” cannot be made of matter entities as science understands matter. Science cannot explain our pixel-free field of view and our experience of continuous movements without jumps in it.

Science knows that our eyesight is based on a limited number of descrete photorecptor cells which can only create a field of view made of discrete pixels. Who forms this raw information to the understanding we experience in our field of view?

All neurons release a nerve impulse by a descrete quantity of matter entities to overcome the synaptic cleft to transmit the nerve impuls to a connected neuron. This establishes a beat, neurons are limited to. This means that all neuron activities have a beat. But our experience in our “Experience-Entity” of movements are smooth without little jumps or any jitter. Who smoothes the neuron beats to the experience of ME?

This process must be done by our brain with its current status of interconnectivity. Each new beat will end up in a most highest level of understanding in the responsible set of neurons for the current situation. Scientists call them mirror neurons, which is misleading. A different situation will end up in an other set of top neurons. And how does this understanding of the moment come into our “Experience-Entity”?

If we consider our “Experience-Entity” as a spiritual Entity, separated from our body-entity, with very limited memory capacity (Millers law), it depents highly on a prefabricated and a summarised understanding of the current situation, which it gets overloaded with every beat of neurons by the top neurons. The next beat delivers the understanding of the next moment.

If the “Experience-Entity” experiences only one beat content after the next beat content, it sees that an object has changed its position, it must have moved accordingly. The raw information of all body receptors are mapped by the neuron network to its highest meaning bevor this understanding of the moment is casted to our “Experience-Entity” by our “Body-Entity”. Our “Experience-Entity” experiences the flow of moments with every beat as a continous flow of events. This continuous flow of discrete situation pictures is all our “Experience-Entity” experiences all life long.

Our “Experience-Entity” had to learn a lot, before it is capable to control its body by will. By the age of around 4 years, it has developed an understanding, that its body is him, because only the body can act within the universe. The person has developed a consciousness of ME.

Dear Professor Ehrsson, I hope I did not confuse you, though you will come to the conclusion that I am crazy. It is a difficult subject and my english is not the best. I would appreciate any remark.

My best wishes are with you, Peter Richard

Send at October 30th, 2019