12 – The basic copy of the creator

To: Henrik Ehrsson – Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Dear Professor Ehrsson,

In the spirit universe, it is evident that each separate entity is a base copy of the creator spirit. There is a minimum of consciousness content for every entity in the universe, including every human being, that will be part of the basic equipment for their life in universe.

The basis for all existences in the universe is the emotional contact with the creator spirit. This emotional contact with the Creator is the cause of all motivation to live their lifes.

The consciousness content of the individuals and the different types of existences in the universe is very diverse. I think that all matter entities have an awareness of what their purpose in life is and for whom they live their lives for. They know that they live their lives for the Creator of the universe. They don’t need to believe, they know it. They know that they don’t have to be afraid to live their lifes. They know, they are part of the Creator spirit, and that they live in universe for a limited time as an independent individual.

For all multicellular organisms with a nervous system like us humans, the situation looks different. The reason for the development of a nervous system was, of course, the stagnation of diversity in universe at that time. Cosmos has long had no new insights that could lead to a new maximum of diversity.

The introduction of a nervous system was based on the idea that a limited, controlling mind of a being should only perceive what is provided to it by its body mind via the nervous system. Of course, he also had to incorporate a memory function into the nervous system so that the individuals unique partial view of the world has a repeatable permanence in its life.

Cosmos was now able to develop spirit existences that could all have a species-specific perception of the world that no other species could share. In this way, the most diverse multicellular species could live side by side without having to pay much attention to others if they were not part of the ideas complex for which the species was made for.

The species-specific limitation of their consciousness to idea complexes, which Cosmos wanted to investigate through their individual lives. Every individual gets a slightly different set of the ideas complex, he wanted to investigate. Their restriction of perception and their ability to adaption to the environment was adjusted by the function of the neuron-network. The abilities and degrees of freedom of the body were also adapted to this.

I therefore assume that entities without a nervous system are still able of immediate spiritual perception of all entities in the universe or at least in the neighbourhood, like all matter entities. At the stage of evolution when matter entiities were established, this limitation was not required and not thought over.

We must always bear in mind that even what we consider to be the function of matter is in reality only an idea which is realized by a spiritual being with a goal and with consciousness. An idea is the origin of all being.

The Evolution of the various multicellular organisms with a nervous system shows their species-specific characteristics, which reveal the individual abilities of their activities in the universe in a very diverse way.

The temporal evolution of the individual species reveal the temporal evolution of Cosmos’s findings in this timeframe. It must have been a joy for the creator to develop this diversity. This diversity therefore also pleases us humans. We have received the same urge for knowledge from the creator, which he himself also follows.

The logical next step in this development, of course, was for Cosmos to create a species that does not come into existence with any conscious idea in the controlling mind, but has an urge for knowledge. But the controlling mind gets no restriction on the ideas complexes, that this controlling spirit might acquire. Our human limitation lies in the speed at which we can come to new insights (Millers magic number seven).

In order for a multicellular being to have any chance of survival, whose controlling mind knows nothing at birth, needs a knowing body-mind that guides him over the first years of life to aquire knoowledge, how to operate his body to be able to carry out desired activities. And that his controlling mind can master the basics, that enable him to survive in his individual environment, to produce offspring and to raise them.

This is how Homo-Sapiens was developed.

Every human controlling mind, which I call Experience-Entity, gets the basic endowment of emotional consciousness, which is also overlaid with individual limitations or degrees of freedom. Its urge for ever new insights will be expressed to varying degrees.

This basic awareness of emotional knowledge, of being on the road in life on behalf of the creator, is reinforced in the first years of life by the donations of our reference persons, who are also creator copies. This emotional consciousness is also reinforced by any kind of experience of success that we have, whenever we do justice to our knowledge mission or follow the drive of our body identity.

Whenever we understand something new, we feel good. When I speak of understanding, I mean really understanding. I don’t mean any kind of knowledge that we learn by heart to get our teachers or other people to rate us positively. Knowledge is often not the same as real understanding.

We experience all our failures and rejections of other people and other beings as negative emotions. These negative experiences can weaken our emotional connection to the creator spirit if we are not properly aware of this connection.

In the course of our lives, both our instinct for knowledge and the instinct for survival of our Body-Entity modifies our emotional state of consciousness as to how well we are connected to the Creator.

The better this connection is, the better we feel and the more actively we live our lifes. The more actively we live our lives and the more diverse we do it, the better our connection to the creative spirit becomes and the better we feel.

This is actually the minimum that every single person should know of human life before he or she stumbles into puberty. It is also that, what every religious organization should bring closer to each of its members. It should also be part of every school education.

Only when this knowledge of the spiritual life of human beings has become a common property of all societies, we as humanity have a chance for a peaceful world, living in harmony with all other existences in the universe.

I wish you an open mind.

Send at March 15th, 2020