13 – The Calibration of all Senses

To: Henrik Ehrsson – Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Dear Professor Ehrsson,

The learning of the Experience-Entity of a person has long begun before the birth of an infant. The Experience-Entity was without knowledge when entangled with his Body-Entity. The very first thing that an Experience-Entity will experience is communication with its Body-Entity. Of course, I can only work out what happens in this communication on the basis of  scientific facts and logical assumptions.

The Body-Entity has the task of guiding his Experience-Entity, of using his body in order to develop into an adult person. Her Body-Entity will surely first establish the channel of communication between the two. I imagine, for example, that the intensity of this communication is established so that the intensity of the perception abilities of the Experience-Entity is matched to the intensity of the Body-Entity transmitter. We must assume that the degrees of freedom of the various Experience-Entities is very different in terms of their abilities to achieve diversity in that area.

The early Experience-Entity will consciously experience that there is something that pushes into its mind without knowing how it came about. That could create an awareness that she is not alone, that there is something outside her own consciousness. It will be a positive experience.

After the entrenchment of this spiritual communication channel, the Body-Entity will proceed to bring the perception of the individual functional groups from body receptors to the Experience-Entity’s consciousness. She learns so rudimentarily to experience all the senses. Here, too, at this time, it will essentially be a matter of adjusting the intensity of perceptions.

As a next step, it makes sense that all automated reflexes of the body are tested to see if all affected neurons are properly connected. Perhaps one or the other of the required connections of neurons can be corrected here.

The reflexes are for the Experience-Entity something like the bootstrap functions in a computer. Through these reflexes, the Experience-Entity makes her first experiences about movements of the body. Through constant repetitions of reflexes and the urge for knowledge, the Experience-Entity leads to perceiving and gradually understanding her body.

We need to assume, that the Body-Entity has a large kowledge about the life in the universe, which it can only bring to the attention of the Exoerience-Entity on a willful request for understanding.

We must also assume that at this early stage, the spiritual perception of the Experience-Entity not only perceives its Body-Entity messages, but also perceives the emotional messages of the mother’s Body-Entity, even if they are not addressed directly to the Baby. Whether the fetus can distinguish from whom the emotional perceptions come is unclear.

The fetus will feel when the mother is unhappy with the pregnancy. Nature has therefore normally arranged it in such a way that a pregnant women usually has a very positive charisma, which I personally always perceive from pregnant women.

At the regular birth of the baby, the Experience-Entity and the Body-Entity have established a good communication channel between them. All new Ideas and most emotions, the baby will later perseive, will be transmitted by her Body-Entity to her consciousness.

I wish you an open mind.

Send at April 6th, 2020