1- Consciousness

To: Henrik Ehrsson – Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Dear Professor Ehrsson,

congratulation, your work on Neuroscience has reveived worldwide recognition and some prizes and awards. The main questions driving your work are:

“How do we recognise that our limbs are parts of our own body, and why do we feel that our self is located inside the body?”

You have found interesting results of self awareness and how it can be outwitted. It seems that our feeling belonging to our body is not as stable as common understanding of body and mind would assume.

All your investigations will of course deliver appreciated results for the game industry. But all possible theories about consciousness will fail, if you do not know the location of the persons consciousness. You cannot find it in the brain, because it is not there. But all your results depend highly on reports made by the consciousness of the test persons.

And on the other hand, you focus very much on brain activities of test persons. You can see there only activities of the body entity, you see not the recognition act and feelings of the consciousness entity baring the consciousness.

It seems that you are a believer of matter dogma. It is imperative for all matter believers that our consciusness self must be created by neurons in any way. But our brain only casts the content summary of the moment to our consciousness entity. This is the process of instant awareness and understanding of what we had learned before and stored in Neurons (memorizing).

Our body is only our action, memory and learning entity entangled with our consciousnes entity for the life of our consciusness entity. But our prime understanding, feeling, recognition and awareness is not part of our body, it is within the consciousness entity and could be only post awareness reflected to body to show understanding.

To stay within the picture of game industry: Our body is our virtual machine creating all reality for our consciousness entity. There is no scientific way to tell if our body is really made of hard, physical matter or if matter is just made of spiritual entities realizing the matter entities for all spiritual entities in universe.

We live in a spiritual world. There are far more ways to explain realitiy than in a pure physical world.

I hope you do not mind my unbidden post. I would not mind, if you do not respond. Scientists risk their career if they get entangled with spiritual subjects. But I would be very happy if you do respond.

I wish you further personal success, best regards, Peter

If you speak German, have a look: www.TheorieDesSeins.de

25. September 2019