The limited physical world view

The physical world view is the view of the world of a limited consciousness, which is intended as a standard view for every primitive, little-developed human being.

Only people with a more developed consciousness, which has already internalized many insights into the reality of the world, will realize that the primordial ground of all being is spirit and not matter. And that the whole universe is undergoing an evolution caused by the evolution of the knowledge of the creator of the universe.

Evolution is always evolution of knowledge. Diversity is the basis of new findings. All rules in the universe strive for continuous diversity maximization.

The limited perception of us human beings was achieved by establishing our consciousness in a separate spirit being that I call Experience-Entity. This Experience-Entity has been entangled with another spirit being, which I call Body-Entity.

The Experience-Entity comes into existence without any knowledge of the world. She can only perceive the world through her Body-Entity. Whatever the Body-Entity passes on to the Experience-Entity in terms of perceptions is what the Experience-Entity experiences as her own perception. The Experience-Entity has only a very small memory. Her large external memory is also managed by the Body-Entity in its neuron network.

The Body-Entity is therefore the gateway of the Experience-Entity to the world. We must therefore trust that our Body-Entity truthfully tells us about their sensory perceptions and guides the Experience-Entity to understand their body in order to use it in their common interest.

The body’s different receptors of Body-Entity consist of matter entities that can only respond to physical stimuli from other matter entities. Therefore, we first only get to know matter entities and their effects on each other. Only when we have learned more about the reality of the world, we can realize that we only ever deal with ideas that represent the material entities and their degrees of freedom.

Only when we realize this, we can also realize that all these ideas consist in reality only of spirit beings representing these ideas. When we understand this, we also immediately realize that everything is only spirit that makes a creator spirit imperative.