Theses & Sayings

Everything must make sense. Without a creative genius, nothing makes sense.

There are only two major problems of mankind: Insufficient nearness and too little knowledge about it.

The sum of all the parts can be more than the summation of its parts.

Life is limitation, and the pursuit for completeness.

Laughter is the orgasm of the understanding mind.

Egoism and altruism are two sides of the same coin. Balanced, they guarantee preservation and progress.

If we cannot find spirit in matter, then we will find matter within spirit.

Spirit can not be represented by matter, but matter by Spirit.

There is only awareness of ideas, nothing else.

Therefore, there can be only spiritual beings who are conscious and have awareness of ideas.

Each spiritual being has an instinct, a primary goal of its existence.

Each spiritual being has all the necessary and sufficient skills to pursue its goals. Its degrees of freedom are limited species-specific.

The Creator of the universe is a spiritual being. It is not omniscient.

The ultimate goal of the Creator is the knowledge continuum.

The current universe is the current state of knowledge of the Creator of the universe.

The evolution of the universe is the evolution of the knowledge of the Creator of the universe.

Permanent increase in diversity is the most important measure for evolution.

There is no place, no space, there is only the idea to raise awareness about it.

The reality of matter is realized through spiritual matter entities, which realize the effects of matter for other spiritual matter entities.

Matter entities are space producers. No space without matter.

Not God is in all things, but all things are in God.

A momentous obstacle in the evolution of man is the notion that only humans possess consciousness.

Consensus is not a guide to truth or reality. However, consensus affects the reality in a community.

If you work off your child’s want, then you avoid very early that it can reach its full potential as an adult.

Already each infant works as a scientist. First, he has a vague idea of an experience. Then he tried to repeat that experience. He can not make it exactly. He repeats and varies it until he can do it to his satisfaction.

Diversity is a necessary condition for evolution.

Diversity is a necessary condition for knowledge.

Diversity is more important than simplicity.

Everything is light.

Photons are the building blocks of spatial consciousness.

Atoms are the building blocks of spatial structures.

Molecueles are the building blocks of material structures.

Protozoa are the building blocks of life structures.

People are the building blocks of organizational structures.

All physical laws describe only mass phenomena.

The world is only one point.

You can suddenly increase your own value by valuing others.

The universe consists only of love and errors. Mistakes are the guardrails on the way to a happy life.

It is the evolutionary task of youth to put everything to the test of evolution and, if necessary, to develop it further.

The USA is the most evil nation of the world.