The ongoing Strive for Closeness

The ongoing development of a human individual is a tool of cosmic Evolution. It is equivalent to the ongoing pursuit of humans for maximum closeness to the creator of the universe. Every single one of our inner spiritual decisions has an impact on our life account. The closer our life account gets to the maximum spiritual closeness, the more satisfied we are with our life. What brings us in the right direction?


The individual who possesses the same state of consciousness as the creator of the universe has maximum closeness to the creator. This state is equivalent to maximum happiness. Human kind is not yet very developed. Today, this state of consciousness is achieved by all human beings just after death, when their spirit reintegrates with the creator.

With a state of consciousness beyond the middle towards the maximum spiritual distance, the life of a person becomes more and more difficult as he approaches the maximum distance. Suicide is often the result of such a state of consciousness. They feel no hope for the better.

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