I welcome you to the website of Theory of Being (Theorie des Seins).

If you are an adult human being, then focus for a while what you are seeing. Is there anything you do not know to whom you cannot attach a meaning? Certainly not.

You have an idea for each part of your field of vision. You have an idea of ​​what there is. You have learned in the course of your live to interpret your viewing experiences and to give them a meaning for your live. But all you understand is strictly speaking ideas.

The objects you are seeing are stones, plants, animals, landscapes, streets, houses, cars and your fellow human beings. You realize all of it, because you understand the ideas which are represented by these objects. You will recognize these ideas again, whenever they appear in your field of vision.

These ideas all have a certain structure. Complex ideas are based on simpler ideas. These structures have emerged in the course of your live and were stored in your brain. All of them have composed together your understanding of the world.

The matter itself consists also just of ideas. All what science and ourself have found out so far about matter, are only the effects between material entities, which also represent of course just ideas. The effects of matter entities reflect always the relationships between those entities. Only these effects or relationships make it possible to experience space and bodyness.

Ideas are ever the only thing that we can understand. Only ideas we can perceive. All those ideas have a particular meaning for our live.

If something appears in our field of view, for which we have no idea, which means there is no such idea stored in our brain, then we would get mighty afraid, at least we would very restless and would strive immediately to analyze this unknown to understand.

We understand not only ideas about objects but also have a lot of ideas about the way how these objects interact with each other, how they react to each other if they occur in our personal experience horizon.

From this we derive also the ideas which have something to do with the assessment of the object or living being. We have a wealth of experience, how dangerous or how good other things and living things in our lives are. Without these assessments, we could not survive.

This little excursion is to say, everything we understand as human beings is just ideas. Our mind can deal only with ideas, with nothing else.

All what sciences and all human beings have been recognized and invented are all just ideas. The diversity of ideas in the universe is constantly increasing. One can also say that evolution is always just an evolution of ideas.

From this, one can infer rightly, that we human beings are spiritual entities. And the universe is most likely also a result of the evolution of a spiritual being.

I am convinced that the whole universe is a spirit universe, full of spiritual entities, that represent ideas and exchange ideas with each other and thus have effect on each other.

My theory of being shows no particular difficulty, that all the findings of science can be realized in a spirit universe. Many of their findings thus only get there a sensible meaning.

I know it requires a significant mental effort to be convinced that all material entities are purely spiritual entities in the universe. They are as real as we experience them, because they have their effects on us.

No scientist has ever demonstrated a compact, solid particle that is so, how we experience matter. They can always prove only their effects on each other. The effects can be easily interpreted as a purely spiritual effect.

The difficulty of this change in mindset can be compared with the spiritual difficulty, people had to overcome at the time of Galileo, as he wanted to convince people, that the earth revolves around the sun and not the sun around the earth.

For out of the personal experience of each individual, it was obvious that the sun revolves around the Earth. It always appears in the east on the horizon, draws during the day to the west and disappears behind the horizon in the east.

Personal experience does not always show the real reality.

Even today, the clergy of knowledge and opinion Highness, who call themselves scientists reject the paradigm shift towards the spirit universe. Their scientific facts do speak for a spirit universe. It is always personal interests of individual public opinion leaders and funders of research who reject this paradigm shift. There is no scientific world model supporting their personal view.

They defame dissenters as esoteric spinner, although they themselves do not know what esoteric really means. However, there exist esoteric Spinners, just as there are scientific Spinners.

There is no single scientific fact that speaks against a spirit universe. But there are a whole lot of scientific facts, which find a reasonable explanation only in a universe of spirits .

I try to convince you of a spirit universe in this website. Give new ideas a chance. Who supports only the ideas of the mainstream mediocrity will never be ahead. Have courage to dare something.

The whole is designed as a book and begins with the chapter “The problem“.

Have fun while reading.