10 – The Final Theorie – Theorie of Being

To: Henrik Ehrsson – Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Dear Professor Ehrsson,

I now call the theory of being “the final theory”.

The “Final Theory” is the attempt to provide a model, a framework, where all experiences of human beings and all scientific facts find a place. Since spirit cannot be represented by properties of matter, by the physical world model, matter must be represented by spiritual entities.

Therefore, I dare to present a spiritual universe in which there are only spiritual entities that interact with each other and thus realize the experienced world.

The “Final Theory” with the idea of a spiritual universe, does not deny the scientific findings, but adds this in a larger context. There are too many facts of science that are ignored or denied because the dogma of matter does not allow them. If one takes all scientific facts seriously and deduces consequences from them, then one comes to a spiritual universe as the common solution to all facts of science.

There are too many scientific findings and human experiences that cannot be explained by the properties of the components of the standard model of matter. That is why we need an expanded model of imagination for the reality of being. Physics has not yet been able to detect a single solid particle. Only the effects of the particles of matter are proven. These effects can easily be represented as effects between spiritual entities.

In contrast to physics, “The Final Theory” not only tries to explain how matter works, but also how the evolution of the universe works, how we humans are functioning  and why evrything takes place as it does. Everything in there is related to everything, because alle ideas are interconnected within the knowledge continuum.


You must not think that I mean that everything is just imagination. No, everything that we consider existent really exists. All entities, including all matter entities, exist, but they exist only as separate spiritual entity, as a demarcated individual space of consciousness containing an individual set of expressions of its species-specific Ur-Ideas.

All spiritual entities bear consciousness and are able to make decisions by free will.

The consciousness of each spiritual entity contains exactly the manifestations of Ur-Ideas as we perceive this spiritual entity. We perceive every spiritual entity as the idea, as the idea it contains or that it can or wants to present to the outside world.

Each spiritual entity perceives other spiritual entities as the manifestations of that expression of an Ur-Idea that it carries in its consciousness. For example each matter entity carries an understanding of its relative position to all other entities considering the Ur-Idea if three dimensional space. The reality of many perceived relative positions to each other forms the idea of space, creates a consciousness of a 3D space.

All spiritual entities have a consciousness of relative position to each other. They all have species-specific goals and species-specific degrees of freedom to change their state of consciousness.

Changes in the state of consciousness are always based on a free will trying to achieve its species-specific goal.

Urges – Goals – Insights

All spiritual entities are bound by their nature to a species-specific subset of Ur-Ideas that they should explore with their lives in order to better understand their limitations and connections to other Ur-Ideas. To do this, all entities get an urge to drive their existence in the universe, which causes them to expand their knowledge of their species-specific Ur-Ideas, in which they are limited by their individual expression of these Ur-Ideas, in order to help the creator to see how they will pursue their goals individually.

The more complex the type of a spiritual entity is, the greater is the space of their Ur-Ideas for which they are responsible. With their individual manifestations of these Ur-Ideas, all must follow their species-specific drive. The creator of the universe draws new insights into these Ur-Ideas from their lives, which should ultimately help him to recognize a new Ur-Idea, which will enable him to implement new rules in the universe in order to further explore this new Ur-Idea.

The universe began with very simple Ur-Ideas like “entity”, “separate being”, “relative relationship”, “relative place”, “three-dimensional space”, “movement”, “interaction”, “volume”, “body” and so on, all the way to us “multicellular entities” and our “human organizations”. The evolution of the universe has been a long process of knowledge achievements that probably never will end.

The universe is a single process of knowledge achievements for it’s creator, but it is consisting of as many subordinate processes of knowledge achievements as there are separate spiritual entities.

In a purely spiritual universe, the findings of quantum physics, such as entanglement and nonlocation, can be explained much more easily.

Information-processing systems

Spirit can only deal with ideas. Each individual spiritual entity in the universe, from photon to the atom to the human being, and even beyond, to the human organization is considered as an information-processing system. They are all feedback systems that pursue the goal of traversing the infinite space of an Ur-Idea with their lives, for a species-specific subset of Ur-Ideas, always striving to increase the diversity in the universe.

Cosmos knowledge

The whole spiritual universe is regarded as a separate knowledge area of a great spiritual entity called the creator of the universe. This spiritual being is  called “Cosmos“.

Every single type of spiritual entity, whether it is a matter entity or a living entity, they all represent a certain subset of expressions of their species-specific Ur-Ideas.

Each Ur-Idea represents an infinitely large space of individual expressions of this Ur-Idea. The individual expression of an Ur-Idea arises from the fact that each individual expression of an Ur-Idea always has an individual set of relationships to other Ur-Ideas.

The goal of the creator of the universe is to understand all known Ur-Ideas in their completeness. Therefore, every spiritual entity in the universe is an individual entity. An individual set of expressions of these Ur-Ideas, which is species-specific for it.

The goal of each species of spiritual entity is defined in such a way that through the lives of all individuals of each type in the course of their existence, the complete space of these species-specific Ur-Ideas is lived through in completeness.

Diversity is therefore the most important measure for the creator of the universe to understand the known Ur-Ideas as efficiently as possible.

Only when all expressions of all Ur-Ideas have been understood, everything is understood.


The universe exists only in the consciousness space of the creator of the universe. Cosmos thus experiences every life. He knows everything that happens in it. He recognizes every decision of every individual, from the photon or electron to the atom and every molecule to every human being, because it happens in him.

Cosmos knows everything from the beginning of the universe until today. He has no external memory. He is always aware of everything and every state of the past. He has an knowledge of how the individual Ur-Ideas present themselves and what different expressions of them exist and has existed.

Therefore, only he can recognize if there should be something somewhere in this huge network of Ur-Ideas and their relationships that is not represented with the currently known Ur-Ideas.

This would lead to a new understanding of Cosmos. To a new understanding of a new Ur-Idea.

This could lead to new degree of freedom for existing entities, so that this new Ur-Idea becomes existent in the universe and can be lived through like all other Ur-Ideas and thereby be understood by Cosmos.

These new degrees of freedom could also lead to the development of a new type of spiritual entity that now contains an expanded set of Ur-Ideas that make them a new kind of entity with new abilities, with new relationships to other entities in the universe.

However, it could also be that existing species could develop to a new Specy, because they have now received an extended degree of freedom. In sum, however, over time all will contribute to explore the new Ur-Idea for Cosmos.

Cosmos is also a spiritual being with a species-specific drive. A drive can never be satisfied for long. His urge is the drive for knowledge. That is the reason for evolution in the universe.

His urge will only be satisfied when he has recognized and understood all Ur-Ideas and all their expressions. Then Cosmos will contain the knowledge continuum. The knowledge continuum is the Ur-Idea of all Ur-Ideas. It is the divine consciousness. There is nothing beyond this.

My best wishes to you and your life, may your consciousness constantly increase, Peter Richard


Send at February 19th, 2020