The Evolution of Universe

  • The universe is part of the creator\’s consciousness.
  • The universe is a space of ideas that the creator knows and realizes them in its own space of consciousness, we call universe.
  • The three-dimensional space exists only as an idea in the consciousness of all spiritual entities in the universe.
  • Evolution is always an increase in knowledge.
  • The Evolution of the universe is the creator\’s increase of knowledge.
  • The creator has the urge for knowledge. He strives for the knowledge-continuum.
  • A process of knowledge increase always requires a great variety of known ideas in order to come to new insights.
  • The rules in the universe are structured in a way that a maximum of diversity is always achieved.
  • A macro-entity will dissoziate into its micro-entities, if all the micro-entities constitue a greater diversity in universe than their existence as a entangled macro-entity.
  • The basis for diversity is always a sufficiently large number of different entities of all kinds.
  • There are reservoirs of stability to assure the continous development of the universe.
  • The first stable diversity reservoir is the number of photons, which are  continuously dissoziated to the universe with each beat of the universe.
  • The next stable diversity reservoir is a large group of lightest atoms in universe which assure that star systems can build up.
  • The next stable diversity reservoir is the group of galaxies, thereby increasing diversity in the group of atoms always being held in high esteem.
  • The next stable diversity reservoir is the group of protozoa, which can exist under certain conditions on planets of star systems from minerals, and photons.
  • The next stable diversity reservoir of multicellular organisms can be refreshed again and again by multipotent unicellular organisms, if one species should become extinct.
  • Humans, as generalists, got the urge of knowledge increase of the creator. Thus, he himself bears the responsibility for recognizing his dependence on the subordinate diversity reservoirs.
  • If he destroys this diversity, then he destroys his livelihood.

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