15 – The only safe Reality

To: Henrik Ehrsson – Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Dear Professor Ehrsson,

I would like to remind you of the following fact: The only thing you can be certain as part of reality is that your mind exists. It does exist separated from all other minds. You will never find out, what this mind is made of, because its very base substance is just spirit. There is no matter envolved, which you could find with your scientific methods. But it is not required to understand how your mind is made of to understand that your mind is the only entity you need to experience all aspects of life.

You and your fellow scientists are not capable to prove that your mind is formed by any matter entity. The only thing you can prove is, that the content of your mind is strongly dependent on the activities of your bodily neuron-net. You will never be capable to explain the process of understanding by looking at the neuron activities, because all information stored in your neuron-net has been understood before by your mind. Your brain can only perceive what your mind had already understood before.

But your mind strongly depents on your body receptors to perceive the process of life. Your mind is decoupled from true reality by your body. Your body decides how your mind perceives life. Your mind has only the chance to beliefe that what ever your body is telling and showing your mind makes sense.

When I talk about mind, I mean always a spirit entity which has nothing to do with matter entities. You can be sure, your mind is a spiritual entity. You can experience life only in your mind. You also can be sure, your mind can deal only with ideas. All life long, you has been dealing only with ideas.

The paramount question to find reality is: How do these ideas come into my mind?

  • How did I get the idea from of being a separate being?
  • What is the very first emotion, I had and why?
  • How did I get the understanding of three dimensional space?
  • I have no consciousness about any single body receptor signalling. I perceive only the summarized understanding what they mean. Why?
  • My mind gets overloaded with summarized meanings of all the body receptors signalling. Who makes the summarizing?
  • Why can I not remember the early process of understanding my body?
  • However your science could find out, how that summarizing within the neuron-net works, if you have a chance to monitor their individual relativ activities. Just looking at large areas of neuron activities will not bring large insights. Start with the assumption that each neuron is responsible for a specific expression of an Ur-Idea. Find it out!

Do you really believe that a baby can get the idea of spatial distance all by itself because thousands of body receptors are signalling, indicating a change of position of hand or finger, relatively to the trunk? The baby cannot understand what that signalling means, even if it would be capable of perceiving the raw signalling in early life. Somebody has to teach the baby, what those varying sets of different signalling patterns mean. The mother can it not be. Only a knowlegable body could manage this.

The idea of seeing contains the same problem. The photoreceptors signalling their interactions with photons to the attached neuron. They all  merge together via the neuron-net to form our field of vision. This field of vision is imposed to our mind without request. How does the baby get the idea, that this field of vision is showing its surroundings?

The baby is constantly confronted with the various results of signalling body receptors and perceived emotions. This is the only reality the baby has. It is forced by emotions trying to understand the constant stream of changing results of signalling body receptors. Its understanding of these signals form its personal individual reality and understanding of the world. The entangled body is our mind’s gate to the universe.

All ideas about space and its properties are conveyed over the understanding of ideas of body movements. If a baby understands its body, it does understand the basic ideas of three dimensional space. But it needs a teacher who helps to understand. The accompanying positiv or negativ emotions leads the babies understanding of the current signalling beat sequences. A constantly improving understanding of the ideas in questions to a sufficient level of understanding is the result of this urge to understand. The babies urge to understand and its perceived emotions pushes in the right direction.

Our personal reality is strictly based on our understanding of the body we are entangled with. Our personal reality contains our understanding of space, matter and its various relations. The idea about matter as a solid space segment is required to form the ideas of volume, of form, of sculpture, of any idea of a complex body and their possible interactions and relations.

The idea of a solid matter unit filling a space segment is the base idea to develop further ideas about space and matter. Someone has to teach the baby. Who has the knowledge about all those ideas and who has the power to overload our mind with emotions. My assumption for this smart entity is our Body-Entity which I consider as a separate spirit enitity, made of all the spiritual matter entitites entangled to form the human body.

Please bear in mind that the idea of an atom is physicists idea of this solid matter unit. Their idea is that this solid matter unit consists of a tiny core carrying all the mass. This core is surrounded by some protective shells made by the idea of electrons. Physicists consider electrons as punctiform entities, claiming no space segment for their existence, but having the ability to protect the integrity of the atom idea by keeping other matter entities apart from the core, establishing a huge empty space segement between the core and the electron shells.

I cannot think of any test to prove or deny that the ideas, our mind perceives ideas about space and matter via our Body-Entity who recognizes the spiritual entities realizing these ideas or if there are true solid matter entities as the ideas promise to form the bodies. So, why should we matter about the true reality if we could not prove it? Because it makes a huge difference when trying to understand life and universe.

Using the spiritual approach to explain reality will lead by logic to a creator spirit and all makes sense all of a sudden or using the dead matter approach allows humans logic to deny the existence of a creator spirit, because one could beliefe the dead matter was always there and will always be there constantly rearranging with no direct need to ask how and why this matter came to existence. The human need for independence is strong, but our integrated reality is strong as well. The big bang theory is the result of the desire to deny a creator spirit.

All the religious power organizations have mislead human development. Caused by an egositic desire for prosperity of the leaders. Is that also your misleading motivation? Or are you after the true reality?

Do you already manage to accept spirit as an independent entity? Or are you still subject to unproven matter dogma? Life is the best we have. There is nothing more interesting.

I wish you a more open mind. Best regards, Peter

Send at May 19st, 2020