This site is all about “The Final Theory”

  • Why do I exist?
  • Why do I understand anything at all?
  • Why does something exist at all?
  • What is all this good for?
  • Why do I have to die?

All questions will be answered in this Blog.

I have also solved the body-soul Problem:

I can’t see, I can’t hear I can’t feel ( touch feeling), I can’t speak. I can perceive emotions, I can understand ideas and I can want my body to perform a movement. I can also want my body to remember something that I had experienced or understood before.

Only my body can see. Only it can hear. Only it can perceive his body. Only it can speak. Only it can move. It also manages my memory. It does its inner processes completely independently. It only mentions these inner processes with unpleasant emotions when they no longer function sufficiently efficiently and their system integration is at risk. It then hopes that I can help. Only I may want.

I am just my mind. My body is someone else. My body has to move as I want it to. If I don’t want anything from my body, then I and my body are in the state of sleep or other people are experiencing my body in a persistent vegetative state.

I only communicate with my body. He tells me what he sees. He tells me what he hears. He tells me what state his body is in. We only communicate with each other with emotions and ideas. My body teaches me to use its body through emotions and ideas. He speaks to other people in my name. He teaches me to understand what the result of my will means to me.

I have an irrepressible urge to understand the world. Since I can use my body with my will, he is my slave. That’s all it takes to understand me. The Rest is active life as desired by the creator.


  • Why do I understand infinity with relatively few brain cells?
  • Why can I understand anything at all?
  • Why does’nt my field of view rasterize, I have only a few photoreceptors?
  • My brain cells only transmit individual signals – why don’t I experience this clocking?
  • Why do I feel the feelings of other people?
  • What are point-shaped beings made of, like photons or electrons that do not have a body?
  • Gravity cannot be explained by physicists. I can.

In following 8 chapters, I try to give an answer to the above questions:

The Problem

Jörg Brinckheger –

The physics do not know what matter is. They know only the effects of the individual particles to each other.

The physics do not know what spirit (soul, spirituality) is.

Churches are not interested in reality. They are only interested in retaining power.

We need a better theoretical world model to explain our experienced world.

The Solution

Anja Schweppe Rahe –

With the mind model of a spiritual universe, our mind (consciousness) is quickly localized. Our restriction of 7+-2 meanings in our consciousness is quickly explained.

The phenomena of entanglement in quantum physics make sense in a spiritual universe.

Mind or spirit does not depend on matter, mind is the primordial reason of all being. Spirit can only deal with ideas, just as we humans do.

The Theorie

Own work

Here I describe the individual components of the Final Theory. A theory of everything.

There is only mind, consciousness and ideas in a pure mind universe. The Creator of this universe is not omniscient. He bears the driving force to achieve the knowledge continuum. The whole universe is an evolutionary space for the findings of its creator.

A spiritual universe does a fantastic job explaining all scientific facts.


Unknown source

In this chapter, the material universe is discussed. The facts of physics are transformed into a spiritual universe.

The inability of scientists to allow alternative models of thought and the various dogmas of physics are presented.

The theory of being has space for all facts of physics, even quantum physics.

Human Being

Jörg Brinckheger –

In a spiritual universe, man consists of two spiritual entities that are entangled with each other in a special way. One is our body, our BodyEntity. The other one is our ego, our ExperienceEntity.

Both spiritual entities have different drives and different skills with species-specific and individual degrees of freedom.


Unknown source

Not the human being is the most powerful spiritual being in the universe. It is the spiritual essence of organizations, composed as a super being from many human individuals and other spiritual entities.

Exemplary I’ll look at a few here.


Unknown source

Even in a spiritual universe, there must be an explanation for the evolution of the universe. It is of course the spiritual evolution of the Creator of the universe. His evolution began before the beginning of the universe.

Cosmos is not omniscient. He has a driving force to knowledge. All knowledge is a knowledge of Ur-Ideas.

In this chapter, I make an attempt to understand the cosmic evolution of the various Ur-Ideas. This attempt of showing a possible evolution is not entitled to truth or reality. It should other people motivate  to do better.


the author

I would like to thank the many scientists who wanted to find in painstaking detail, the secrets of our existence, to find the rules of nature that would make our lives more predictable.

I would like to thank also the many other people who have devoted much of their time to the truth and reality of their existence and have summarized their thoughts about it in a book so that others could understand their thoughts.

The Onlinebook

I am sorry that I could not spend more time for the english version. I am focussing more on the completeness of my german description of the world reality.

This online book is also an example of evolution in the universe. It is subject to continuous development and restructuring. The aim of these changes is to make the theory more complete and to improve its presentation in this blog for a better understanding for the reader.

Individual posts reflect the current state of evolution of the theory of being. To present the entire universe in a blog is not easy. Each structure has advantages and disadvantages.

Of course I know that my ideas about the reality of the world have left right. They are far away to be publicly accepted. However, it supports all the facts of sciences. I develop this worldview since 2003, because neither the religious communities nor the sciences can provide a satisfactory explanation regarding my personal experience in total.

I have let myself be guided by my mind and my intuition. I’m serious.

Please show understanding for seekers who strives with mind and heart to understand the world.

The author, Peter Richard