Brief an Giulio Tononi

Dear Sir,

I red the first time about you in the german GEO issue September 2014 “Wie das Ich in den Kopf kommt” (how the ego, the I, comes into the head).

I hope you do not mind that a not scientific person is talking to you about the idea of consciousness, which is subject of your professional life.

I red, that you sometimes wake up and you do not know nothing about the universe or yourself. You just know, you are.

This is exatly the way anyone feels, when one comes into existence. In that very moment, you do not have any connection to your body and to your brain. You have no consciousness about your body. You are now the spark of experience of existence. This experience is the experience to be separated from your creator, to exist separately. All the information about you and your life is stored within your body. Without a connection to your body, you do not know anything.

You are not located in your brain or other regions of your body. You are a spiritual entity. When you came into existence, you were entangled in a special way with your body. However, the capacity of your spiritual entity is limited to the magical number of discrete ideas you can have in your spiritual entity at the same time (Millers magical number 7 +-2). This ensures that you depent very much on your external memory, your brain in your body.

Your first goal of your existence is to learn, how to use your body to follow the driving force which you got passed on by separation from your creator. This is your highest goal in your life in the universe. This driving force leads you to overcome the separation from your creator by trying to achieve the same level of consciousness as your creator has. By having the same consciousness level as your creator, you are one with your creator.

By the way, your body is also a spiritual entity, but with a different goal of its driving force.

The goal of your spiritual entity is to enlarge constantly your knowledge abot the universe. The goal of your body is to ensure the survival of the human race. This is the source of your sexual activities and your constant desire to improve your social status to optimize the survival chances of you and your offsprings.

You are part of the scientific quest to understand how consciousness works. All scientists working in that field seem still to believe that our brain creates somehow our consciusness. This comes from the unproven beliefe that matter is the base of all being in the universe.

This beliefe is totally wrong. You never will come to an understanding without giving up that matter beliefe. All matter entities are also just spiritual entities with a goal and a driving force for their lifes in the universe. They have the required and needed features and powers to follow their driving forces to constantly trying to reach their goals, which they never will.

There is no single scintific evidence which tells us, that everything cannot be of spiritual nature. The physics is only talking about effects of matter entities. They are talking about matter entities who have no solid volume, but spacial distributed effects to other matter entities. This can easily be explained by spirituel entities. Only a spiritual universe can explain the proven entanglement in quantum physics .

The brain does not create consciousness? Spiritual entities which are consciousness of certain UR-IDEAS put together everything in the spiritual universe, including your brain.

Scientists in your working field are trying to understand the structure of the brain. If they would start thinking under the new dogma, that everything is just spiritual. They would easily find that everything, we can experience and think about is Idea. Our brain is structured in the way, we achieve an understanding of the experienced concrete, discrete characteristics of the underlying UR-IDEA.

One can just have a consciousness about Ideas. My Theorie “Theorie des Seins” (Theory of being) talks about Ur-Ideas. The room of a UR-IDEA is a continuum of an infinit number of discrete and separated versions of one Idea which share a common meaning but each one has a different set of connection to other UR-IDEAS.

This is the way our brain is structured. If you understand how one person achieved an understanding of the world through his personalized body in his personal situation, than you have an understanding of his personalized structure of his brain.

The evolution of the Universe is the evolution of the knowledge of its creator about the various UR-IDEAS and their interrelations. The creator of the Universe is of course a spiritual entity. The universe is a special room in his consciousness about his living.

The creator does not yet know everything which can be known. He also is driven by his driving force to achieve the knowledge-continuum in order to become one with his creator.

If you want to know more about my ideas about the spiritual universe, check my german online book:

I would love to hear from you.

Best regards, Peter Richard             December 2014