Only my mind is certain

The only thing I am absolutely certain of, is that I exist, that my consciousness exists, that my mind exists. To me, all three concepts are one and the same. I call this spiritual entity my Experience-Entity. This is me. I do not yet know how it is constructed and what it is made of or why I exist. But I am sure that I exist.

My Experience-Entity can only deal with ideas. I can only perceive ideas, understand them, put them in context with other ideas.

In the course of my childhood, I understood that I was somehow entangled with my body. Since I understand the diverse ideas that make up my body, I can also want something that my body should do. I can only act through my body in my environment.

Only through my body can I perceive my environment. I want to understand how this happens at some point. With the help of my body, I gradually gained an understanding of my environment.

I have learned a lot in my life so far. Therefore, I understand that my understanding of infinity cannot be represented by any connections of my neurons, since there are only a finite number of connections. Infinity is not visualizable, it is only understandable.

Infinity can only be represented by a super sign, such as the lying eight. The lying eight is like a name for infinity. One must know the relationship. Only a spiritual being can know such a relationship.

Therefore, I believe that I am a spirit being.

If I am a spiritual being, then my body must also be a spiritual being, for we understand each other well. Then all matter also consists of spirit beings.

There are some more such examples of scientific facts, which I will mention later, which can only be explained if we assume that all are spiritual beings.

Therefore, in this online book, I try to work out the idea of a spirit universe.

There is only consciousness about ideas in the universe, nothing else. Three-dimensional space is also just an idea. The primordial substance of all being is spirit.