An Experiment with Covert Ganzfeld Telepathy

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An Experiment with Covert Ganzfeld Telepathy

The aim of our study was to test a modified ganzfeld telephathy procedure, which conceals the intended anomalous information transfer. Forty pairs were recruited for ganzfeld sessions, each comprising three trials consisting of a ‘communication’ and a ‘rating/reporting’ phase.

During the ‘communication’ phase (20 min), one member of the pair (A) was exposed to multimodal ganzfeld and reported her/his imagery, while the other (B) memorised a repeatedly presented video clip.

In the ‘rating/reporting’ phase subject A rated the similarity of the ‘target clip’ and three ‘decoys’ to the ganzfeld imagery, while simultaneously subject B gave a written account of the content of thepresented target.

Trials in which the highest score was assigned to the target clip were considered as correct identifications. In 39 out of 120 trials (32.5%) the presented target clip was correctly identified (p = .039).

Statistics based on ranks of all four video clips revealed no significant deviations from chance expectancy. The modified exper-
imental procedure (a) yields correct identification rates comparable with the traditional procedure, (b) allows study of ‘ganzfeld telepathy’ without confronting subjects with an ‘impossible task’.