8 – How do we get access to new Ideas?

To: Henrik Ehrsson – Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Dear Professor Ehrsson,

a new idea is something which was not in our brain before. This idea was not yet encrypted into the neuron-network before. The brain could not know about it if matter is dead.

  • How does a very new idea become part of our brain?
  • Who can understand something which is not there yet?
  • The brain can only understand what it contains.
  • It must be an entity outside of our brain!

It is this entity which contains our consciousness. I call this entity our Experience-Entity. It is a spiritual entity which is no material part of our brain. It has very limited memory capacity, it is our spirit, it is our only mind, we have. It is the only entity of a human being, responsible (as a adult) for all of its action and all of its decisions made by its free will. It is the only entity whose understanding of the world is reflected in the neuron-network of its entangled body.

The Experience-Entity largely depends on its outside memory, which is contained in our neuron-network, managed by our Body-Entity.

Final Theorie

Considering a human individual as an entanglement of a Body-Entity and an Experience-Entity, following process is used to get to know new ideas.

First we need to undestand that unknown new ideas are all around us. We do not yet understand everything around us. We might have the feeling that we do understand already everything around us, because there might be nothing which brings us in conflict with our goals in our goal-hierarchy. Our Body-Entity sees no need to bring the unknown to our attention.

The very first thought about a very new idea is more like a feeling than an understanding. It is an awareness of something new which was brought to our consciousness by our Body-Entity, because that this something new is connected to one of our goals, we have established. If the awareness is strong enough, we decide to explore this further more. We want to better understand this. This free willful decision, driven by our urge to understand, is an order to our Body-Entity to show us more details about this something new.

The first feelings about something new is always created by recognizing that some things, we understand already do not get very well together. We do not understand this.

  • The first thought of something new is the regognition of not understanding something, we have experienced.
  • It is brought to our mind by our Body-Entity only if it could have an impact to one of our goals.

If we now further insist of the goal to get to understand it, we further refine the affected goal in our personal goal-hierarchy in our neuron-network. We can further request ideas from our Body-Entity which are in any way associated with that something new, what we do not understand yet to get a chance to further analyse and further judge these ideas towards the something new.

If we do not come to an immediate understanding of the something new and go along with our daily life, whenever an experience will come along, which has some connection to the something new, which we wanted to understand, our Body-Entity will bring this experience detail to the focus of our Experience-Entity. Now the Experince-Entity can further decide how to handle this awareness. Does it bring more information, more connections to other ideas to bring more understanding to the something new?

It takes propably many such experiences to establish many connections of this something new to other ideas in order to bring our understanding of this something new to a level where we can say “I understand this now“.

It takes very many connections from one Ur-Idea to other Ur-Ideas in order to understand this one Ur-Idea. The complete understanding of any Ur-Idea is achieved, if we understand all of its connections to other Ur-Ideas. I assume that this will be achieved only, if we know all of  the Ur-Ideas. This will be, if we have reached the devine knowledge of the Knowledge-Continuum.


It seems to me that the capability of our Body-Entity has been largely underestimated, due to the matter-dogma which does not allow to research any spiritual ability of our body.

It seems to me that our Body-Entity knows much more about the universe than our Experience-Entity. It has control over all internal body-processes which we experience a matter processes. It also adjust those accordingly to support the goals established by our Experience-Entity.

I beliefe that any effect, which comes from meditation, praying and from our spiritual energy, if positive or negative is achieved by the interpretation of our Body-Entity of those spiritual reflection as a willfull goal of our Experience-Entity. This is the base and cause of all spontaneous healings reported.

Our Body-Entity has the urge to make our person as efficient as possible with the restrictions given by the bodily genome and the restricted abilities of the Experience-Entity and the leadership of the restricted adult Experience-Entity.

Our Body-Entity has the mission to support the free will of our mind and all our goals. Our Body-Entity will bring the current situation to the attention of our Experience-Entity, if it is about to affect a goal of our goal-hierarchy, which has been established bevor.

The very limited memory capacity of our Experience-Entity requires that our Body-Entity understands everything, we had understood in the past to be able to remember us accordingly, if needed.

The unknown capabilities of our Body-Entity will surprise us in the future, if science will finally accept that spirit is the baseground of everything and will further investigate this.

“How do we recognise that our limbs are parts of our own body, and why do we feel that our self is located inside the body?”

My best wishes to you, Peter Richard

P.S. I will publish my notes to you on my internet blog (diskussion.TheorieDesSeins.de) with my next note to you. It will pursue my ideas also to the english readers.

Send at Januar 16th, 2020