6- ME

To: Henrik Ehrsson – Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Dear Professor Ehrsson,

I am a spiritual Entity, but I am just my mind. My body is someone else. My body must move as I want it to. If I don’t want anything from my body, then ME and my body are in the consciousness state of sleep or other people experience my body in a coma.

I can’t see, I can’t hear I can’t feel (touch), I can’t speak. But I can sense emotions, I can understand ideas and I can make my body to execute a movement. I can also make my body to remember something I knew or to remember something I experienced in the past.

Only my body can see. Only he can hear. Only he can perceive his body. Only he can speak. Only he can act. He also manages my memory. He overloads my consciousness with his awarenesses received by his senses.

He takes care of his own inner processes completely independently. He also takes care of all my memories, which he organizes in its neuron network to be recallable, if I need it.

He only mentions these internal processes with unpleasant emotions when they are no longer sufficiently efficient and their system integration is at risk. He hopes that I can help, because only I can wilfully want my body to act, to do anything what hopefully will overcome the risk.

My body rewards me with good emotions when I satisfy his needs, which serve to support his goals. I want to drink when he wants me to. I want to eat when he wants me to. And I want to have Sex, if he wants me to.

After I understood these emotions, I can decide to do all of this without my body demanding it.

I communicate with my body. We communicate with each other only with emotions and imaginations of ideas.

During my childhood, my body taught me through emotions and ideas, to use his body purposefully, so he does exactly what I had imagined. If he does not do exactly what I had expected, then I must specify more precisely my intention. That’s what we call practicing and learning.

He also shows me, what the result of my will has meant to me in the past, so, I have the chance to alter it.

He’s sending me what he sees. He’s sending me what he hears. He informs me about the condition of our body. But most of the time, he transmits only a part of its all-encompassing cognition.

He leaves away what I have not considered important to me in the past, because he optimizes the perceptions of ME according to my previous experiences, my previous understandings, my previous wills.

I have an irrepressible urge to understand the world. I was at birth something like an empty copy of my Creator with the order to learn everything my Creator already knows, so he can learn from all of us entities further more about himself. I can recognize and perceive all other copies of the creator by my spiritual awareness, but without understanding them. I must try to understand it all.

Since I can use my body with my will, he is my slave. Now I can try to explore everything else in the universe to satisfy my urges. That’s all it takes to understand ME. The Rest is active life, as intended by the Creator.

How are you coming along Professor? I wish you a peacefully Christmas, Peter Richard

Send at December 16th, 2019