5- Dissoziation-Unification-Entanglement

To: Henrik Ehrsson – Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Dear Professor Ehrsson,

how can a spiritual entity create an other separated spiritual entity to form a start of a spiritual universe? How can a single spiritual entity create so many other spiritual entities in the universe without exhausting itself?

The answer is: Spirit is THE INFINITY itself. Only a spiritual entity can understand infinity. An unrestricted spiritual entity can dissoziate other spiritual entites out of itself without loosing any strength of power. Taking something away from infinity still leaves infinity behind.

I need to explain three important abilities of an unrestricted spiritual entity to form the spiritual universe as we experience it. All three processes are required processes to explain the evolution of the universe, assuming that photons were the primary entities at the beginning of the universe:


A spiritual universe requires that Spirit has the ability to dissoziate a new separated spiritual entity out of itself and provide it with capabilities and restrictions if required. Spirit is the infinity.

Dissoziation is the ability of a spiritual entity to dissoziate an other separated spiritual entity out of itself. It can be considered similar like computers spawn new processes out of a process by copying itself and then alter its content to form its new abilities.

In a spiritual world, the dissoziation leads always to a strong desire of the new spiritual entity to re-unite with its creator.

Are there signs that spiritual dissoziation exists in our physical view of the world? Yes there are:

  • Photons, elektrons and positrons are considered as punctiform entities. Punctiform means that they have no body. I consider them as pure spiritual entities, since they cannot contain any machinery to produce their effects. During the process of annihilation, an electron and a positron unite and dissoziate immediately to two photons with different capabilities (vice versa). These basic spiritual entities are the most important entities defining the mutual impact among interacting particles in physics like atoms and molecules.
  • Dissociative identity disorder (DID): It shows the abilitiy of the human “Experience-Entity” to dissoziate itself to sub-entities as a mean to cope with very severe stress. The sub-personalities get their individual unique responsibilities to cope with an inevitable unbearable strong stress. By splitting the personality, it helps not to feel the pain permanently, since only one sub-personality can have the control of the Body-Entity. DID shows a capability of our human spiritual entity “Experience-Entity“.

The Flock: The Autobiography of a Multiple Personality: This book is a must read, if one is interested in this subject. The most interesting information is provided in the annex of the book. There is a case of multiple personality reported, where one sub-personality suffers from diabetes and if an other subpersonality is in control of the body, the body does not show any indication of diabetes.


In a pure spiritual universe, the process of unification creates out of two or more entities one single entity, becoming a more capable entity. The above mentioned process of annihilation shows an example in the physical view of the world where two strong photons unite and dissoziate afterwards to a positron and an electron.

The laws of the spiritual universe require that if two entities have a “conflict of the same position in space“, they must first unite and then decide how to act in the next beat of universe. The idea of a three dimensional space is the playground for all interactions among separated spiritual entities.

One other example of unification is the temporary unification of two human “Experience-Entities” followed by a dissoziation and a livelong entanglement of both. This provides the wonderful greatest emotion a human individual can have. This unification and entanglement is the explanation of the Great Love, poets are writing about and most young people hope ever to achieve it.

Any spiritual coming closer among human individuals and any internalization of new ideas to our “Experience-Entity” brings us closer to our creators mind level. It brings us closer to the re-unification with our creator, it makes us always happier and more advanced.


In a pure spiritual universe, entanglement is the most widespread form of evolution to create new species. Spiritual entanglement is the basis for all types of organizations.

If two ore more entities decide to entangle to one new spiritual entity, they keep their spacial form and their individual capabilities, but they offer part of their independancy for the better being in a new spiritual entity. They create a new controlling central entity, which decides how all sub-entities have to act individually to aim together to a commen goal.

Every physical entity having a body is an entanglement, made of many mikro-entities, like our human “Body-Entity” and the entanglement between our “Body-Entity” and our “Experience-Entity“.

The human organizations are the most advanced and most powerful spiritual entities in the universe. It has a distributed body made of individual persons and all those mikro-entities coordinate their activities targeting the same goal.

The quantum entanglement shows that two entangled quanta have been dissoziated from their creator entity to the entangled entities in consideration, like photons. The individual entities get their individual capabilities associated during dissoziation.

It seems that those capabilities get then individually assigned if a conflict situation in space requires the application of this capability for one of the entangled entities to help it to aim to its individual goal. At this point in time, the other entangled entity gets its adequate capability accordingly, not to violate the energy conservation rule and other rules.

If all capabilities of the entangled physical entities are individually assigned, then the individual entities are no longer entangled, they begin to live their lifes independently in the universe.

A neuron is a separated spiritual entity with an individual goal of life, but entangled with a Body-Entity of an individual of a multicellular organism.

This is enough to think about for today. I still would appreciate your comments. My best wishes are with you, Peter Richard

Send at December 04th, 2019