4- Two Spirits in one Person

To: Henrik Ehrsson – Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Dear Professor Ehrsson,

I know, it is difficult for you to overcome your matter dogma and accept the fact that every entity in universe is a spiritual entity with species dependent goals and capabilities. Due to your profession, it might be easier to you to accept that a human person can be considered as a entity entangled by two separated entities, where one is bearing only our consciousness or mind if you like (our Experience-Entity) and the other is our body, consisting of all matter entities (our Body-Entity).

Our Experience-Entity and our Body-Entity are entangled to form the person we are. Only our Experience-Entity is that what we feel as our ME, the Body-Entity is the body.

Considering both parts as pure spiritual entities means that all entities in universe are spiritual entities. This view has many advantages over the pure materialistic view. It can explain many scientific facts which cannot be explained under the material view of the world and it answers immediatly many questions mankind has asked for centuries without finding an answer:

  • My undestanding of infinity
  • My pixel free view of vision
  • The apparent smooth motions of everything in universe
  • The different states of mind like sleep, consciousness, trance, coma, induced coma, narcosis and flow
  • The results of Libet-Experiment without the conclusion of loss of our free will
  • The fact of quanta entanglement in modern physics
  • The reason and function of gravity
  • The reason for my life
  • The expansion of the universe
  • Even the reason for the universe itself

If you use a pure spiritual universe, all open questions of principle can be answered suddenly. Everything becomes meaningful. You would understand why everything is one.

I will concentrate here on the results of Libet-Experiment and why our free will is save and explain various states of mind.

Libet Experiment

Libets research showed that the conscious decision of our mind for an activity comes around 0.3 seconds later than the body’s readiness potential for this activity. If all our understanding (including the knowledge how to act our body) is stored within our neuron-net, and considering the way of storage like I described in my last note, than our free will is save.

It means that everything what is stored in our neuron-net since the beginning of our Experience-Entity, was once understood by our Experience-Entity and stored to the neuron-net. Our neuron-net does not contain anything which was not accepted by our Experience-Entity.

Due to our very limited memory capacity of our Experience-Entity, complex body movements had to be automized to a reasonable extend in order to become a functional species with a capability to survive. This former knowledge, understanding and its automatized setup is used and activated at the Libet-Experiment.

Any body movement therefore is based on the very own will of the Experience-Entity, which is then executed by our Body-Entity. Depending on each situation of the moment, our Body-Entity offers a small set (Capacity limit) of options to deal with the current situation. Our Body-Entity prepares the body to execute one of those options, which is detected as the readyness potential. Our Experience-Entity has just to select one of them to be executed by our Body-Entity.

This is the price we have to pay as humans: A very short working memory, requiring an external memory in the neuron-net in our Body-Entity.

States of mind

Is there a scientific explanation of the process to achieve the mind status of beeing blacked out? Most likely not, since you lack an scientific explanation of the consciousness entity. If you look at the brain activities, there are different areas of brain active during black out. But also during conscious activities, there are always different brain areas active.

You will never find a scientific explaination for any state of mind without accepting that our mind, our Experience-Entity is a pure spiritual entity.


We are only conscious, if our Experience-Entity receives the continous flow of changing beat content from our Body-Entity with every neuron beat. All neuron activities route thru the net to the most highest understanding available at the current beat and casts it to the Experience-Entity.

Black out, total coma

If the flow of beats from our Body-Entity stops, our ExperienceEntity halts. We do not wait for the next beat, since we do not know that we live only on those beat contents. Our Experience-Entity halts on the last beat received. Our ExperienceEntity lives only as a process. If the flow stops, it does not live anymore. But it is not dead. It lives again, if the flow starts again.

Every Entity in universe lives as a process. The whole universe is a process. Every entity in it has a beginning and an end. The universal process is Evolution. All entities are part processes of evolution.

The ExperienceEntity cannot even ask for a memory content during black-out, because the flow of pictures from neuron-net has halted. Our Body-Entity may provide our Experience-Entity with beat content on its own behalf which will hardly find a way to the neuron memory. We may dreaming, but it will not be remembered?

We have a total black out. Most likely, only our Body-Entity can  change this state.

Partial Coma

I mean with partial coma like the coma with those patients who still receive the flow of beats from the Body-Entity, but are unable to send back a package to the Body-Entity carrying a will, the body would have to execute.

The patient sees, hears and feels everything as induced by the surroundings, but he cannot respond to it.

This locked-in syndrom can vary from total locked in to a more amelliorated form where a patient can move the eyebrows or a finger by will.

The cause of the communication interruption between the ExperienceEntity and the Body-Entity is unknown. It can be caused by restrictions to the Body-Entity or by restrictions to the ExperienceEntity by unknown causes.


Medical science has found material substances which are able to hinder neurons to do there job as designed. The affected neurons cannot signal anything to a higher level neuron. Therefore, these signals will never reach our ExperienceEntity, our mind.

Depending on the substances, there location of application and there mass will decide, what body function and for how long it will not function properly.


The mind state of FLOW was detected by a tennis coach. The FLOW state is always used in combination with body activities  like in sports where the athlet has large areas of complex movements automatized to a great extend. This can be achieved by large and extensive exercisement.

The ExperienceEntity of a tennis pro of this caliber sees a ball coming. Then, it is just enough for the ExperienceEntity to want (giving the order to the Body-Entity) to hit the ball in a way that it should return to the left corner of the other players field for example.

If the ExperienceEntity is in the FLOW with its Body-Entity, the Body-Entity knows exatly, which complex movement alternative out of those many movements stored in the neuron-net, has to be executed to delivere the ball to the exact place, the ExperienceEntity has envisioned.

The ExperienceEntity leaves it to the Body-Entity to decide which of the presented option alternatives (including those many muscle activities to execute) has the best chance to realize the will of the ExperienceEntity.

The difficulty for the Experience-Entity is the necessity, not to brake the performace of the Body-Entity with any other new WILL, the Body-Entity would have to follow and to interrupt the current performance. Any remembering of a severe personal or financial problem, the athlet have, will interrupt the current automatized performance, replacing the former will with a will to remember and to analyze the problem. The ExperienceEntity would have to decide on time what movement is required next to achieve the targeted goal on the tennis match.

It requires a lot of mental work to be able to silence the own ExperienceEntity for the time of executing the automatized action, sending nothing to the Body-Entity and send only the right next will on time to succeed if the automatized sequence of actions has finished.

I would appreciate any remark. My best wishes are with you, Peter Richard

Send at November 15th, 2019