The Goal: Global Business Control

Two pigs talk to each other:

pig 1: ” What a wonderful life we have.  We are free. We can do what we want. We can talk what we want and we can belive what we want. We can choose our boar we love. Our farmer is feeding and protecting us,  because he loves us. He wants only our best”.

pig 2: ” I heard our farmer wants to bring us soon to the butcher. We are going to be killed and segmented to be sold to other people”.

pig 1: “What a nonsense. You and your conspiracy theories”.

Western MoneyMonarchy

Since the times of Fugger and Medici, global trade is a major part of activities in human society and the use of money is globally accepted to balance all economic activities. Money dynasties has been build up. Those persons who were able to sum up their earnings of trade and invested it smartly to gain power, became more and more effective to influence the holder of physical power.

Over some centuries, colonisation were accepted by publicy to express superiority of  the own nation over others. All colonisation nations committed crimes against humanity during this episode of human development. Mass murder was committed by all of those nations to establish their power and to destroy any offenders.

Those very rich families had to develop a different way to get access to the valuable resources and juwels of other countries.

Some of those successful families has grown nowadays to such large money dynasties, that they feel strong and well organized enough to aim to control all business activities on the globe. In order to have a realistic chance to hit the goal, they need access to a military super power to provide a basic thread to others, providing a safe harbor for them and to have an transactor of their will as the last resort. They decided to use the United States of America for this.

Many of those successful clans have made or expanded their fortune base by the two world wars. They have learned over the centuries that war is good for business opportunities, as long as you sit in a safe harbor.

  • One can sell weapon systems to make war.
  • One can develop and produce new and better weapons to keep leadership.
  • One can keep all internal staff busy and calm and progress technology.
  • One can make profit rebuilding the destroyed infrastructure after war.
  • One can earn interest rates loaning money to reconstruct buildings, industries and infrastructure.
  • The access to local natural resources are newly arranged after war, because the power is newly organized. The winner can select the juwels.

Those successful families are not interested anymore to lead directly the physical power organizations as in the past. They keep rather in the background. They are satisfied if physical power acts on their will. They concentrate to gain their business impact all over the place.

I call those dynasties “MoneyMonarchy”, because they pass on their power to influence business activities to their progeny by passing on the control over their money and over their power tools.

The US Military Industrial Complex

Eisenhower and Kennedy were complaining about the increasing influence of the Military Industrial Complex to the political infrastructure and it’s decission process. Kennedy got assassinated after this speech.

Two voices about the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX who should know:

At the times of Eisenhower and Kennedy this MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX was already coordinated by the huge money organizations present at this time like the Rothschild family, Morgan family and others.

Their main goal was the control of money system and the international trade of base oil and natural gas.

The US national security systems large intelligence system and their increased impact to US foreign policy made it to a well fit to be included in the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX.

The control over the various US intelligence organizations and their mutual coordination was one of the great achievements of the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX.

The US national security systems large technical intelligence system is fuleing the income of the Military Industrial Complex in addition to the wapons expenditures. All is underpinned to keep national security strong to fight enemies.

The public is kept silence and calm by explaining the huge expenditures for the national security. This requires of course having a strong enemy. If peace would spread around the world, MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX will create a strong enemy like ISIS requiring a strong military and a strong intelligence system.

But luckily there is still the russian system and the chinese system is becoming stronger and stronger.

This Military Industrial Complex is also the major economic grantee of all US political and military activities worldwide. They are not constantly out and about for human rights or to disempowering dictators. They are out there to utilize the public financed US security system to increase the profit of the Military Industrial Complex.

And they have the power to keep it this way:

  • Their money spend to impact all elections decides what persons will come up to play the role of President of the USA.
  • Their impact decides about the varois trade agreements made all over the world.
  • Their impact to intelligence decide the political facts, the government gets to know and has to make decision upon.
  • Their impact to intelligence, secret operations and NGOs create the political facts in the world, the US govenment has to act on.
  • Their impact to the US military decides what actions will be taken to provide thread to other countries.
  • Their impact to the US military system controls what country in the world will be overthrown or overtaken.
  • Their impact to the media influences the public opinion in US and other countries about their illegal military actions.
  • and much more …

There is no big difference between the major players within the democratic party or the players within the republican party. The american public has no option to elect not an representative of this MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX which is called now MoneyMonarchy.

Western MoneyMonarchy develops

Most of the decision makers who are in the business of globel trade, experienced an high competitive environment after the second world war to get access over the most important ressources needed by all industrial nations.

Too much competition is declining the profit. Many of those players decided to establish a secret group of global players who share the same interest in utilizing the most important resources of all industrial countries like:

  • energy, oil, gas, building infrastructure

All the players in that group act separately in public and in their competition to get control over foreign resources. But they act to one hidden agenda to keep others away from those resources.

The MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX was very successful in subjection of most countries in south america and europe. The idea to conquer and control all  business activities worldwide was born.

They had already some very clever and effective NGO’s in operation to plan and control the execution of the plan to gain control over the targeted resource in the world.

The best and most trusted NGO got the order to develop a plan to gain control over all business activities worldwide.

The plan has pointed out some key power tools to set up a basis for an unbeatable system targeting the control over all business sctivities worldwide:

  • Define the distant goal.
  • Define the organization.
  • Select a safe harbor for MoneyMonarchy.
  • Control over the money sector worlwide.
  • Control over the legislation in safe harbor.
  • Control over an Leviathan based in safe harbor.
  • Control over the intelligence system in safe harbor.
  • Control over the public quest worldwide.
  • Control over the rules of global trade.
  • Establish a hidden private army of special forces controlled by MoneyMonarchy, covered as NGO’s promoting freedom, human rights and democracy. They should force the local country into the rule set of MoneyMonarchy.

A safe harbor for MoneyMonarchy

The core members of MoneyMonarchy were mainly located in USA and they had already some impact to the legislation and to the US security system.

The US military was one of the winners of second world war and MoneyMonarchy earned a lot of valuable intellectual and material assets from germany.

Second world war was an additional example to MoneyMonarchy that war is provitable.

MoneyMonarchy decided to make The United States of America as their safe harbor and to finalize their control over the US legal and security system.

Define the distant goal

The final goal of MoneyMonarchy is the control of all business activities on earth. This must not necessarily implying the control of all political activities.

But the control of business relevant rules is of paramount importance. The MoneyMonarchy has created a rule set to assure their control. The country which as adopted the rue seet belongs to the core states. All others belong to the gap states.

The control has been achieved if MoneyMonarchy receives a major part of the profit of all business activities on the planet to fuel their power and no major change of business rules are possible without their ok.

This goal has been already achieved in the core-states. See the definition for core in: “The Pentagon’s New Map: War and Peace in the Twenty-First Century by  Thomas P.M. Barnett.

The core-states are led by supporting governments. The strongest players in those governments act as capital soldiers. If they do it devoutly or not does not really matter. If they want to stay in power they have to.

  • most european countries
  • Israel
  • South Korea
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

Minimal Rule Set

In order to protect their investments in all target countries, a minimal rule set should be implemented by the local power system to minimize the effort for MoneyMonarchy to control their interests.

The long term goal for MoneyMonarchy within all target countries is:

  • stable and reliable, law based power system.
  • private property assured by law.
  • monetary system controlled by private banks.
  • free trade, trading everything (see WTO).
  • democracy as target power system. Stable system, but easely controlled by money via capital soldiers and media.
  • reasonable tax system.

Energy resources

The limited natural resources which fuel the major business processes worldwide are the priority number 2 targets for MoneyMonarchy to get control of.

Energy is the fundamental base for modern life and all modern manufacturing processes. The one who controls the making of energy and it’s distribution, controls and generates profit by all business processes.

Therefore the priority number 2 are all activities which lead to control all business activities to produce, distribute and sell energy.

  • electric current production, gas, oil, coal

Example: the global market of exploring, lifting, preparation, distributing and selling of natural oil and gas are dominated by western MoneyMonarchy with a handful of leading western oil companies.

The fight for these resources is a reckless hardball game. All wars and unrests in middle east and north africa are based on the will of western MoneyMonarchy to control the business over oil and gas.

The behaviour and various strategies of western MoneyMonarchy can be watched currently by those examples:

  • Ukraine, Venezuela, Iran, Syria, Turkey and all north african countries.

It seems to be a malediction and not a luck for the local people finding oil or gas under their soil. The curse is uttered by the greed of MoneyMonarchies.

Mineral Resources

The control over the utilization of all natural limited, but important resources of necessary minerals for hitec intermediate goods are the priority number 3 of the list of wanted enterprises of MoneyMonarchy.

Those limited minerals are required by a large part of modern business processes for hitec products. Without access to those minerals, certain processes and products are not possible.

Those minerals are after energy the next top base resource for all modern business activities.

Example: Copper, cobalt, coltan and diamonds in Congo and the resulting unrests and wars.


Because of the high importants of energy and limited minerals to all modern business activities, it is of high importance to MoneyMonarchy that the global service market for prospecting for valuable resources is under their control.


They pursue different short term goals, depending on the current situation in target  countries to pursue the final goal of controlling the complete business environment and it’s major business activities.

  1. Conrolling monetary system.
  2. Controlling energy resources.
  3. Controlling the rules for private properties.
  4. Controlling the Leviathan.
  5. Controlling the rules for trade.
  6. Controlling important economic resources.
  7. Controlling public opinion.

Define the organization

The MoneyMonarchy consists of an hierarchic organized system. The major believes of MoneyMonarchy are:

  • devide and rule among believers of capitalism.
  • maximize shareholders profit.
  • hirarchic organization; top – down.
  • top: major ruling power; down: minor ruling power.
  • top: major profits, down: minor profits.

Their believes are that a human individual seeks security for life. This means in a monetary controlled system – seeking access to money.

This system has proven to be stable, as long as all individuals on all levels of the organization can seek enough money to live a decent life.

The individuals need a realistic chance to increase their income by developing their knowledge and skills to move higher in organization.

Money Unification

A very special set of enterprises is needed within the safe harbour country to minimize unhealthy competition among MoneyMonarchy members. Those enterprises are the core building blocks of MoneyMonarchy.

Because of the fact, that the vast amount of money among the believers of capitalism is widly spread among many families and clans around the world. They need a tool to unite all of them under one umbrella. This is the first step of unifying the forces conquesting the world of business.

Investment companies like The Blackstone Group and Black Rock function as those unification tools of MoneyMonarchy. They aquire the companies and people in need.

Here is a list of  leading companies in investment business of which MoneyMonarchy is most likely major shareholder of: Blackrock, Vanguard Group, State Street, Bank of America Global Wealth and Investment Management, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, J.P. Morgan Private Bank, Wells Fargo, UBS Wealth Management, Charles Schwab, Goldman Sachs, BNY Mellon Wealth Management, Fidelity, Northern Trust.

Other tools for money unifications are Worldbank and IMF. They collect money from the member states to officially support poor countries in their development. But behind the scenes, the poor and uneducated countries are heavily indebted by false studies promising a high income by investing a lot of money. But the result is that the invesment makes them depented on the bank system of MoneyMonarchy to prey them and take advantage of their local natural resources.

Hidden Supporters

Hidden supporters are individuals who are commited to the goals of MoneyMonarchy. They expect a reasonable pay for their comittment to support the goals of MoneyMonarchy.

This group of highly paid individuals is the most important army of capital soldiers who make it easy to achieve their goals.

Most of them are recognized as desicion makers ore top influencers, working in different organziations in different countries like:

  • governments
  • parliaments
  • media
  • all political parties
  • banks
  • consulting firms
  • worker unions
  • enterprise executives
  • special influencers

Those individuals are mostly publicy unknown hidden supporters of MoneyMonarchy. Their commitment and their true goals must be kept secret as their paying must be.

Their decisions must be claimed for the good of the organization, they are working for. The consulting firms or special NGOs controlled by MoneyMonarchy will provide for the rationale supporting the decisions.

Hidden supporters are put in new position with much better income than before by MoneyMonarchy. The new position is very often associated with a highly recognized social status leading to a stronger influence towards the final goal. In this case, there is no additional secret paying required.

The intelligence system provides information what person is appropriate to become a hidden supporter. It also provides information controlling actual hidden supportes to see if they still act as a capital soldier. The simple collection of all their communication chanel ends does provide enough information to make this decisions.


The top ranks of the capital soldier army are recruited often by secret societies controlled by MoneyMonarchy.

The old fashioned way of them were build around universities to have immediate access to very talented or rich people like “Skull and Bones” at Yale University. To register in those universities costs a lot of money. This helps to build the top ranks of MoneyMonarchy from their own offsprings.

The base qualification of offsprings of MoneyMonarchy are often not good enough to justify a top rank. Other recruitment systems had to be invented.

There are various international organizations who provide for a very interesting personal network to get in contact with decision makers and influencers  around the world who proved already their potential.

  • World Economy Forum
  • Bilderberg meetings
  • Rockefeller Foundation
  • Council on Foreign Relations
  • International Institute for Strategic Studies
  • Project for the New American Century
  • Aspen Institute
  • Chatham House
  • Group of Thirty
  • The Trilaterale Commission
  • European Leadership Network
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The recruitment officers of MoneyMonarchy are participants there. Increasing income, more decision power and a higher social position is the honey they offer.

Supporting governments

All core-states as described in “The Pentagon’s New Map: War and Peace in the Twenty-First Century by  Thomas P.M. Barnett are led by supporting governments. If a core-state has a democratic system, then even the opposition leaders are most likely hidden supporters and act as a capital-soldier.

It does not matter to MoneyMonarchy which party of a democratic system leads the government. The rule set is implemented by law. Any trial to change this rule set will activate a large set of purposive activities to prevent an unwanted change to those laws.

Supporting governments can be recognized by following decisions in the past:

  • Law changes to extend the right for private property.
  • Changing laws to allow private companies taking over souvereign tasks from state.
    • mail and paket transport
    • prison management
    • police and military tasks
    • water supply
    • energy supply
    • roads and toll charges
    • airports
    • land development
    • prospecting
  • Law changes to fix the right for international trades.
  • Law changes to deregulate banking activities.
  • Changing laws to finalize the ownership of central banks by private banks.

MoneyMonarchy must only convince the political leaders, that the sovereign tasks can be done more efficiently and more cost effective by a private company:

example: PPP – public private partnership. The MoneyMonarchy owned consulting firms helped providing the rationale for  this.

The water system in London is an example of the fact that the greed for more profit of a private enterprise is hindering the necessary investments to keep the system at a satisfactorily working level.


A very large set of “Non Government Organizations” are part of the hidden army working on a secret agenda of MoneyMonarchy in target countries.

They are working often officially for a social goal like education or for medical benefits to the local public. Behind the scene, they work secretly on goals which could be one of the goal of any of the other power tools.

  • recruit hidden supporters
  • support buy out of an enterprise
  • support prospecting
  • influence monetary system
  • Provide scientific reasoning for system changes wanted
  • prepare for democracy
  • support targeted view of way of life
  • prepare support for trading rules
  • work closely with diplomacy
  • provide intelligence
  • perform secret operations
  • provide access to illegal operations
  • impact public opinion
  • provide connections to oppositions

An NGO  is a multi purpose tool of the MoneyMonarchy. Their funding is often covered and difficult to trace back. Russia required that NGO’s publish their funders and donors.

Secret operations

Secret operations are mainly  executed by NGO’s and coordinated by CIA officers.

Please read the book of John Perkins: Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. This provides an inside view of how business and secret operations work together.

If all the intelligence outcome does not convince targeted decisionmakers to make the wanted decisions, then the purposive activities go to the next level of persuasions.

CIA has over seventy years of experience how persons can be influenced to make the expected decisions. CIA has taken over all the knowledge of german NAZIs about torture and  interrogating technics.

Almost all coutries in south and middle america are examples of how far CIA is going to close the case. A very special example is the Iran as a country containing large oil and gas deposits as well as Ukraine.

CIA has the self-conception that they can do whatever is needed outside the USA to close the case. Their goal is to perform all activities in a way that no criminal activity can be traced back to CIA. Very often they lay down a false trace and a innocent person is charged for that crime they have done. Most of the time, they dont do it by themself. They hire local people for the criminal activities which can be presented as the local opposition in an aftermath :

CIA does not all by themselfes. Most of the time they do just the organization. The real doing is performed by an criminal who wants to make a fast money. He is often assassinated by other criminals, though he cannot speek about his activity.

I am wondering if CIA is really controlled by it’s government or if it is controlled directly by MoneyMonarchy. I am certain that the director of CIA is a capital soldier. He decides which activities are secretly performed and to what extend.

One of the best known CIA activity was the creation of the Taliban to fight Sovjet Union in Afghanistan. When Sovjet Union left Afghanistan, CIA did not pay them anymore. They had to find a new business model. They occupied parts of Afghanistan and became a safe harbor for international terrorists.

NGO Black Water – Acadami, Constellis and co

Money Monarchy has decided that they need a semi military, but private organization which is strictly acting under their control. The huge military apparatus is too slow and is limited and their activities must obey to an code of conduct. They need an more efficient organization to act swiftly to their given targets without any ethical obstructions.

They need someone for the dirty work behind the scenes. If they are uncovered and put on trial, then it will be made as an personal misbehaviour of this individual or his imployer. The US government or the CIA will not be accounted for. Money Monarchie can buy their services directly.

Academi mercenaries were used in Afghanistan, Irak, Syria, Ukraine. Google  for

  • U.S. Training Center Inc.
  • Blackwater Target Systems
  • Blackwater Security Consulting
  • Blackwater Canine
  • Blackwater Aviation Worldwide Services
  • Raven Development Group
  • Greystone Limited
  • Total Intelligence Solutions
  • and others


All countries want to progress economically by utilizing their natural resources. If you control the market for prospecting services, then you gain control over which findings of resources there are,  what size will be published and when, how and by whom they can be explored.

The act of successful prospecting requires special skills and equipment. Both are very expensive and can be provided only by rich companies.

Prospecting requires always a high investment before any profit will be seen. It takes often more than a year before the very first resource is sold. Poor countries were an easy pray for capitalistic and greedy companies in the past. Nowadays, politicians are better informed. It seems that a local war is the easiest way to get cheap control over their resources. The cost of war is paid by the home public of Leviathan, not by MoneyMonarchy.

Control over the money sector worlwide

The Priority number 1 for the power of MoneyMonarchy is their unlimited access to money on their will as the base to buy everything they want:

  • Enterprises
  • People
  • Knowledge
  • Trading goods

This has been already established by western banking systems. Banks can create money out of nothing by giving credit to an enterprise for any kind of business they want support. This is just a matter of a booking activity.

There is no aquivalent security value required protecting for the shortfall of the success of the supported business activity.

The only security established is the fact, that the creditor bank has to deposit at it’s central bank a small fraction of the credit volume from their own money, like 5 percent. This should prevent to blowup the credit volume beyond any reason.

The banks gain provit through the interest rate, the enterprise must earn by the supported business activities. They control this way, which business activity is supported.

The central banks gain profit by charging an interest rate to the banks for their deposits. This central bank interest rate is the control mechanism trying to keep the currency value stable by influencing the amount of credits given in total.

Central banks in western countries are not owned by the state, they are owned by private banks. It is their very interest to keep the banking system stable.

The banks must not give an credit to themselves. But this can be circumvented by creation of an enterprise owned or controlled by the bank.

This way, the MoneyMonarchy who owns already a huge amount of money can multiply it almost instantly by the factor of 20 via bank credits.

US Dollar is the international key currency. It’s strongness is supported by the beliefe of the international leaders, that the large US economic system is stable and the US leaders will do everything to keep it this way.

All attempts to bring the yen or the euro in pole position were not successful.

One major achievement of western MoneyMonarchy is that almost all international business transactions are made by referencing to the US dollar and by the fact that all trading of base oil and natural gas is made using US dollars.

Control over the legislation in safe harbor

There are so many capital soldiers sitting in the senat of USA as Senators that they have control over the legislation of USA.

Control over an Leviathan based in safe


The US senate controls which individual will lead the US military groups. The control over the US military as the Leviathan has been established already for centuries.

US hollywood and the Pentagon wants us to believe that freedom all over the world can only be guaranteed by a good Leviathan, the holder of physical super power.

The rationale is that none would mess arond with the Leviathan. This Leviathan can currently only be provided by the US military. Their believe is: When all business activities are controlled by MoneyMonarchy, everybody will be happy and peace is all over the globe. That is what they want to sell by “The Pentagon’s New Map: War and Peace in the Twenty-First Century by  Thomas P.M. Barnett.

The US military organization is the world strongest military power. They want to play the role of the Leviathan.

Their military power is so strong, that only Russia feels strong enough for military activities to protect their own political sphere of influence, as  seen in Ukraine and Syria. It is expected that China will also play a major military role to protect their sphere of influence in Asia.

China will be the future opponent to western MoneyMonarchy. They grow currently feeded by the greed of western MoneyMonarchy.

The main purpose of the Leviathan is:

  • Potential thread to everyone acting against MoneyMonarchy.
  • Assure USA as safe harbour to MoneyMonarchy.
  • Acting on the will of MoneyMonarchy to overthrow unwanted systems.
  • Acting on the will of MoneyMonarchy to kill wanted persons abroad without trial.

Atomic bombs

The destroying power of an atomic bomb does equalizing the military force of a Leviathan. This is the reason that the US and all other super powers do not want that small countries like north corea and Iran get access to atomic bombs.

Everybody believes that Israel also posses atomic bombs. The fact that the US Leviathan is not acting against this means that Israel is considered as a core-state.

Control over the intelligence system in safe


Due to its secret nature of all secret services, you do need to recruit only a few top rank persons in the intelligence and military system to control their secret activities and to control the information given to the government of save harbor country.

MoneyMonarchy controls the US intelligence system. They use it havily to control the view of the world the president will have.

They use it also to align the president to their foreign policy in case he does not want to act as the MoneyMonarchy wants.

The MoneyMonarchy is ruling the foreign policy of the United States of America, not their president.


The most important part of diplomacy is their knowledge about the local decision makers and influencers and the local movements. They report regularily their findings to the central data repository of NSA:

  • atmospheric situation in local country
  • judgement about decision makers and influencers
  • candidates for capital soldiers to the capital army
  • dangerous trends
  • political believes
  • potential enemies


The central data repository of NSA (national security agency) is the base requirement for many services the NSA can provide.

But this database can only provide as good services as good the information is within the database. The plan is to incorporate information from various sources:

  • automatic copying all communication content from all communication services worldwide.
  • manual input from US diplomacy worldwide.
  • manual and automatic input from all other US secret services and military.
  • manual input from all international political and economic workshops.
  • manual input about radio and tv stations by special service providers.

The information and the tools are so organized that all analysis can be done per person, per enterprise or per country. Storing all content from all communications would be too much. Therefore content is only stored for analysis of special designated people configured in the system.

Those people are political leaders, business decion makers, major influencer, all capital soldiers and other people of interest.

Parallel, all content is searched for certain configured phrases or terms which require further analyses if detected to determine their relevance. If any hit occurs, the content is stored.

I assume that certain services of the intelligence system are provided for money to special enterprises on their request. The very large US security system is operated at high costs. They have to look for an alternative income.

Here a small incomplete  list of beneficial intelligence services for MoneyMonarchy:

  • providing blackmailing fakts about decision makers to convince them to become a capital soldier or to accept certain contract details. Unfriendly influencers can be altered to very friendly influencers.
  • Finding new technology details from competitors, best before they have patent protection to file the intellectual property for themselves. This was already CIA interception practice before internet.
  • Intruding services for dedicated computers and copying everything found.
  • search all communications for words or phrases of business interest.
  • Find out the position and believes of contract partners before contract is signed.
  • Find out the complete communication network of a person or company.

Control over the public quest worldwide

Money Monarchy has found some very effective power tools to achieve their goals in the long run.


Democracy is one of the strongest tool for MoneyMonarchy to achieve their goals. It is their most wanted base political system due to its stability providing for

  • supporting private property in opposion to communistic systems.
  • formally controlled by public will thru a voting system.
  • is therefore a stabel system with stabel rules.
  • rules are enforced by law enforcement agencies.
  • public will is the will of the majority of society.
  • the majority of society can be easily destracted by entertaining media.
  • the majority is poorly educated.
  • the majority is poorly informed about political and business processies.
  • the education system can control the required fraction of good educated persons.
  • a selective education system. Favor the best of the richest. Favor the best with the right beliefs. Favor the best with no belief.

A democratic system is controlled by the majority of people which are poorly educated and poorly informed. Their will to decide for one or the other party can easily be controlled by  media.

The uneducated and poorly informed pesople can only decide with their natural capability to rate a person as trustful or not. This is the reason that very often that those persons win an election who have the best skill to lie emotionally.

Overthrowing an autocratic system

The internationaly accepted requirement for the establishment of a democratic political system can be easily underpinned by public will.

If a target country has an autocratic political system and the leader does not want to implement the rule set of MoneyMonarchy, the public will is easily biased to support the overthrowing of the inhuman presented leader with the goal to implement democracy.

The superior military power of the leviathan can then be activated to overthrow the autocratic system and install democracy led by MoneyMonarchy friendly leaders.

If that country is not protected by an other leviathan, there will be no large international complains about that martially activitiy leading to thousands or millions of dead persons and no military controverse action will take place.

The inhuman reputation of that autocratic leader is easily established by secret activities upfront and by the stories of supporting media to influence public opinion.

Way of life

The western MoneyMonarchy has developed a very clever and attractive model for a way of life which is easily accepted by all open minded people. This western way of life helps to recruite and collect people under a opposition organization in all gap states.

  • Access to all goods making life easier.
  • Freedom to move anywhere.
  • Freedom to progess personally and business wise.
  • Freedom to have private property.
  • Equal rights by law.
  • Freedom of discrimination of sex, religion, ethnic origin.

It was once associated with human rights to convince western societies after second world war to follow their goals.

Over the years, is has been shown that the requirement for human rights were to strict to make great business with autocratic systems. That’s why the term “human rights” is no longer used during business talks with autocratic systems.

The most powerful tool to show the western lifestyle and to present it as an striving goal to people aroun the world are the films made in Hollywood.

All must-haves of capitalism are shown in them. The products, the parties, the looks, the behaviour, the sports events, the leisure time and so on. They all show some freedom of life.

If those pictures has become a mind set in many people, then this is the start to get an opposition organized  within autocratic systems or systems with non supportive governments. Opposition is always an food hold for the power tool “secret operations” to create unrests in an target country.

Hollywood was key to success of western MoneyMonarchy. All major Hollywood companies are controlled by MoneyMonarchy. US military provides money to influence films to their believes.

An other idea, they want to mount onto the minds of people is that this freedom can only be achieved by a democratic power system.

An other idea they also want to implement in public mind by hollywood films is that the US Leviathan is protecting peoples right to decide their own destiny within democracy.

Control over the rules of global trade

There are some international organizations definig the base rule set supported by almost all countries:

United Nations

  1. To maintain international peace and security, and to that end: to take effective collective measures for the prevention and removal of threats to the peace, and for the suppression of acts of aggression or other breaches of the peace, and to bring about by peaceful means, and in conformity with the principles of justice and international law, adjustment or settlement of international disputes or situations which might lead to a breach of the peace;
  2. To develop friendly relations among nations based on respect for the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples, and to take other appropriate measures to strengthen universal peace;
  3. To achieve international co-operation in solving international problems of an economic, social, cultural, or humanitarian character, and in promoting and encouraging respect for human rights and for fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language, or religion; and
  4. To be a centre for harmonizing the actions of nations in the attainment of these common ends.

World Bank Group

The World Bank Group has two goals: To end extreme poverty and promote shared prosperity in a sustainable way.

International Monetary Fund

The IMF’s responsibilities: The IMF’s primary purpose is to ensure the stability of the international monetary system—the system of exchange rates and international payments that enables countries (and their citizens) to transact with each other. The Fund’s mandate was updated in 2012 to include all macroeconomic and financial sector issues that bear on global stability.

Bilateral or multilateral treaties

The main benefit for MoneyMonarchy for bilateral or multilateral treaties for trade are:

  • constant economical environment.
  • reduced administative effort means lower management cost.
  • reduced quality control effort.
  • no big financial risk by political changes.
  • advantages over other parties on this international market.

Establish a hidden private army

The following uncomplete list of purposive activities for the hidden army provides an idea what the hidden army is used for to work constanly towards the final goal of MoneyMonarchy.

Close a deal with a state

In advance to a proposed business opportunity with an state, the prospecting and consulting firms of MoneyMonarchy has found a large business opportunity and have prepared the case.

If the state is a poor and uneducated country, a trustful study can easily presented promising huge income for the state and progress for all it’s people.

The real goal is to heavily indebt the state by using false, unrealistic figures in the study which lead to the promising high income if they would invest the requied amount of money. But the target result is that the invesment makes the target state depented on the bank system of MoneyMonarchy to prey them and take advantage of their local natural resources for low costs.

If the decision makers are not convinced by the study, the purposive activities are started progressively until the deal is closed.

Read the book: Confessions of an Economic Hit Man: The shocking story of how America really took over the world.

Close a deal with an enterprise

The most powerful tool of MoneyMonarchy is applied here: the access to huge money. The service of the intelligence tool is also used to find out the week and strong points of the opposite decision makers to be used in negotiations.

The service of the secret activities tool can also be necessary to close the case by influencing the opponent decision makers.

An other most effective way to close a deal with an target enterprise is to bring a capital soldier on time in a top position within the target enterprise to influence the deal details in advance.

Discrediting a gap-state

  • perform criminal act and present fake evidence indicating the government of the gap-state as culprit.
  • finding evidence by a trustful reporter, that the state is using doping in sport to gain advantages.
  • presenting activities against human rights in gap-state to public.
  • presenting false evidence about the source of an accident.
  • constantly use the media power to tell public what an evil system this state is.

Remove an adversary

  • bribe the adversary.
  • threading distroying the public integrity of an adersary by false or true accuses.
  • distroying the public integrity of an adersary by false or true accuses.
  • threading the life integrity of an adversary .
  • threading the life integrity of a family member of the adversary.
  • killing a family member of the adversary by an accident or publicly.
  • killing the adversary by an accident or publicly.

Overthrowing a political system

  • supporting opposition with money, weapons, skill and organization.
  • remove an adversary.
  • influence public opinion via controlled media.
  • influence public voting.
  • economic warfare.
  • organize unrests thru secret operations.
  • kill oposition persons publicly during unrests thru secret operations.
  • providing false evidence for existance of mass destruction weapons.
  • providing false evidence for use of mass destruction weapons.
  • providing false evidence for any kind of event as required.

Establishing rule set in autocratic system

  • corruption.
  • giving preferences to MoneyMonarchy enterprises.
  • giving preferenced  mining rights to MoneyMonarchy enterprises.
  • leadership persons receive a fraction of business profit made by MoneyMonarchy.
  • “Discrediting a gap-state” may be an further option to get control.
  • followed by threading with “Overthrowing a political system”.

Establishing rule set in democracy

  • establish capital soldiers in relevant positions in society.
  • buying up important enterprises to get political impact through numbers of workplaces.
  • buing up media enterprises to get public and political influence.
  • invest in improvements for society with profit outlook.

The EU Natural Gas Case

EU (European Union) is one of the largest market for natural gas. The highest prices are achieved there.

See the global sources for produced oil on german Wikipedia (newer data) to understand the players envolved.

The public available information about the size of the remaining, unlifted ressources cannot be trusted. It is always biased to transport the interest of the publishers, the MoneyMonarchy’s companies. Here some milestones affecting the gas case:

  • 1990: huge gas field found extending from Qatar to Iran, the South-Pars-gasfield.
  • 2003 – 2005: Blue Stream pipeline.
  • 2004: Gaspipeline Libya -Sicily working.
  • 2008: One expects further huge gas deposits in Libya. Libya gave exploration licences to:
    RWE/DEA for 10000 qkm. BP for 55000 qkm. They have to pay 80 % of revenue to Lybia. Gazprom got the Gadames Becken. They have even to pay 90 % of revenue. Is that little share the reason for the killing of  Muammar Gaddafi. The EU commissioner for energy guesses that within 12 years, EU will receive as much oil from Maghreb countries to EU as from Russia.
  • 2009: Syria denied pipeline from Katar’s north Field via Saudi-Arabia, Jordania und Syria to Turkey. He proposed Iran-Irak-Syria-Libanon pipeline to cover russia interests.
  • 2009: War in Syria.
  • 2009: between Israel and Cyprus: Israel found large deposits of natural gas in Leviathan gas field.
  • 2010: block 12, located 34 kilometres (21 mi) west of Israel‘s Leviathan gas field, block 12 is believed to hold 3.6 to 6 trillion cubic feet.
  • 2010: block 12: greek part of gas field close to Cyprus found.
  • 2010: Greek depth problem in all media.
  • 2011: EU commission complains dependency from russia. The import dependency of EU will grow from 60 to 80 percent. The current pipelines to north Africa do not have the capacities to compensate for this.
  • 2011: Nord stream pipeline (russia – germany)
  • 2011: South stream pipeline (russia-turkey)
  • 2011: Revolution in Tunesia.
  • 2011: Civil war in Libya.
  • 2011: Revolution in Egypt.
  • 2011: Civil war in Syria.
  • 2012: Unrests in Algeria.
  • 2012: Large gas and oil deposits found in Syria.
  • 2012: Large oil and gas deposits found in Tunesia.
  • 2013: planned for 2019: Aserbaidschan 10 Milliarden cubic meters via Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) to Italy.
  • 2014: Turkish stream pipeline (russia – turkey)
  • 2014: ISIS found 2 billion dollars and a large US weapon deposit in Iraq.
  • 2015: Large gas deposit found in Egypt.
  • 2015: Egypt and Cyprus support Greek against Turkey in Cyprus case.
  • December 31, 2016, US company Noble Energy owned approximately 78,000 net developed acres and 116,000 net undeveloped acres between 10 and 90 miles offshore Israel in water depths ranging from 700 feet to 6,500 feet. In Cyprus, the company owned a license covering approximately 33,000 net undeveloped acres adjacent to the Israel acreage. As of March 2018, Noble holds large working interests in the Leviathan field (39.66%) and the Tamar field (32.5% to be reduced to 25% at the end of March 2018). Through Dolphinus Holdings Limited, Noble will sell any excess gas to Egypt after its natural gas obligations to Israel and Jordan have been met. The East Mediterranean Gas’s pipeline will transport the gas from Israel to the other countries.
  • 2016: 2 new air fields established for US Air Force in Syria close to Turkey.
  • 2016: Attemptd putsch in Turkey.
  • 2016: Turkey accuses Gülen movement as putschists supported by CIA.
  • 2016: Russian ambassador shot by turkish policeman.
  • 2017: USA delivers liquid natural gas to poland.
  • 2017: US oil sanctions against russia are considered as economic war against EU.
  • 2017: USA and Tirkey stop granting visa to each other.
  • 2018: A record high of US domestic gas production is projected. A 68 percent increase since 2005 is expected.
  • 2018: USA and Turkey put sanctions to secrataries.

A lot of huge deposits of natural gases are found all over north africa and the mediterranian sea.

You have also to consider the likely fact that the explotation teams working all over this area report earlier to MoneyMonarchy than to local administrations. They have an advanced and much more detailed knowledge over the real size and the real location of the deposits than those reported.

The battle is on:

MoneyMonarchy has control  or is about to get control over a huge amount of new oil and gas deposits. If they would lift too much, the price would fall down. On the other hand, there is not enough demand close to the deposits in USA and north Africa.

The major demand close to the deposits in north Africa is coming increasingly from Europe. Europe has contracts with Russia.

An other option western MoneyMonarchy is considering. They have build a terminal in Poland for delivering liquid gas from USA to Europe to sell their over production.

The main question is: Who will deliver the gas to Europe for the next decades. Russia’s Gazprom is in a good position.

Western MoneyMonarchy  is determined to make the oil and gas business with EU. They have started their usual activities to take over that business from Russia:

Goal number one: Get access to energy and pipelines in Ukraine to get control over EU deliveries

  • unrests in Ukraine on Maidan place with killing of civilians. Looks like CIA fingerprints.
  •  US, Poland behind Kiev Maidan unrest: Polish MEP.Overthrowing leadership in Ukraine and installation of US friendly leadership. The same strategy was used as it was used all over south america (CIA leadership).
  • mission accomplished: MoneyMonarchy’s VS Energy International Ukraine Ltd is the current major energy player in Ukraine

  • How many problems between russia and Ukraine gas deliveries were reported in media since then to establish Russia as an untrustful supplier of energy?

Goal number two: prevent the extension of pipeline capacities from Russia to EU

See list above of activities against Turkey and EU. USA is blackmailing Europe for the future gas business. They have started an economic war against EU. It could end up in a real war in Europe.

Goal number three: Discrediting the public opinion about Russia

The hope is that if the public opinion about Russia is very negativ. The Eu decision makers could be forced to decide in advantage to western MoneyMonarchy.

The overthrowing of the russian friendly leadership in Ukraine by MoneyMonarchy tool of secret actiivities, followed by the installation of a western MoneyMonarchy friendly leadership and labeling this as a democratic revolution evoked the russian response:

  • Ukraine war – annexing Crimea.
  • Shotdown of flight MH17. Was an russian soldier pribed or extorted by CIA or friendly secret services using knowledge from intelligence services about an russian soldier?
  • Embargo to Russia, based on the Crimea occupation and separation from Ukraine.
  • Syria conflict: Syria and Russia accused using poisoning gas. No proof at all.
  • Russian doping case. No one is looking at the doping of western teams.
  • Poisening of former russian spy in London, mostlikely by UK secret services. What should be the interest of Russia?
  • Brexit lier Boris Johnson joins US in criticising Russia for second gas pipeline from Russia to Germany via Eastsea.

  • May 2018: Arkady Babchenko: Ukraine faked murder of journalist.

Oil and Gas

I am also convinced that the arabic spring was a result of CIA managed activities. Georg Soros has even showed off that the arabic spring was also made possible by his money. It also happend accidently a year before, that many prospects in north Africa and in the Mediterranean Sea revealed very large areas of base oil and gas.

The prospecting teams where all from western MoneyMonarchy. Who is going to buy there oil and gas? Asia? If they lift more than they can sell, the price will go down.

The European Union is the natural local customer for the huge findings of oil and gas in north africa and the mediterranian sea. But MoneyMonarchy has first to convince the EU to end the deal with Russia.

I am sure that also all recent activities aiming towards discrediting Russia are also managed by CIA:

  • Unrest in Ukraine and shooting persons to death. The Ukraine president hat to flee to Russia, not to be killed. Ukraines major energy company belonged already to a former US Vicepresident. Rassia has responded appropriate to safe their interests in that global business.
  • The story about the use of poisend gas in Syria with the help of Saudi Arabia.
  • The story about the use of chlorgas in Syria.
  • The story about the poisening of a former russian spy in London.

Who is the principal of those activities against the positive image of Russia and Putin?

Well, the data analsys of the intelligence services has revealed that the international positiv reputation of Russia and Putin is growing. Russia and the EU are building a further gas pipeline to provide the EU with more gas.

The western MoneyMonarchy wants to hinder that. The new pipeline will cementing the gas delivery from russian controlled sources. But the western MoneyMonarchy has found too many more sources in north Africa and the mediterranean area. They want sell their gas to the european countries. They would need also a pipeline via Syria, Cyprus and Greek or Albania to deliver gas or Oil to the EU.

On the other hand the US has got a new President who was in favor to make business with Russia. But the western MoneyMonarchy needs Russia as an enemy. They have a lot to do to line up the US president.

All those acitivities are targeted to discrediting Russia. There will be more to come, I bet.

The Problems

History is telling us, that any very large organization has failed over time to keep control over the goal by loosing the control over the goals of the underlying parts of the organization.

The western MoneyMonarchy system seems to be already in the descending part of their evolution.

Competitive money monarchies and other leviathans

There are other large organizations with access to large money and access to large military capacity like

  • China
  • Russia

They will not accept a global control of all business activities by one party without their partizipation. They will take their chances to get also control over business processes and their required resources.

High costs

The very high costs of all those power tools which mostly do not produce a regular product or service wich is ment to be sold internationally.

The overall country tax system does not generate enough income to support this system. This wil lead to the effect of the momentum of its own, because the leaders of the different tools want to stay in position.

The MoneyMonarchys enterprises use any tax saving system. Their egoistic behaviour will fade the efficiency of all tools.

Momentum of its own

The underlying organization groups of MoneyMonarchy will develop their own goals satisfying the personal needs of their leaders.

  • weapon enterprises push for war to sell their weaponary and to build new ones.
  • infrastructure building companies push for war to create business potentials.
  • energy companies push for war on those countries, they have no control of.
  • intelligence organizations sell their services to any company which seek advantages over competitors.
  • secret operation companies sell their services to the highest offering.

Human urge towards spiritual union

Human urge for spiritual union is not satisfactorily supported by a system relying only on power and money. MoneyMonarchy wants to set the business goals always to the highest priority, but the individual may have other personel priorities which have an emotionally higher priority. This establishes an unsatisfactorily state of mind in the individual which will lead to a unwanted behaviour.

The other human urges cannot be endulged sufficiently.

Universal requirement for diversity

The overall goal of the creator of the universe is increasing diversity in all aspects of the universe. The unification to one global power system is a reduction of diversity and has to be compensated by a tradeoff supporting higher diversity for human activities.


I am certain that a global power system will be established in future since evolution never stops. I do not know when and how, but it will come.

The final global power system supporting a global rule set can only exist over a long period, if it is mentally supported by the majority of all people.

The final global power system must also be shared and wanted by all MoneyMonarchies existing then. Maybe we have to wait until there is just one left. I hope this one will be established by negotiation and trust and not by wars.

Today, the western MoneyMonarchy does reckless risk the life of millions of people by wars and unrests in north Africa, middle east and other places on earth. Their goal is to get control over the profits of oil and gas business and others of course.

MoneyMonarchy does not care about any single life, pain or sorrow of a human individual. Their greed for more power is endless. I am sure the decision makers of MoneyMonarchy act as very religious persons in their home countries. I am also sure they feel superior to other people, therefore they feel rightful to offer other human lifes.

I am also sure they have invented and implemented ISIS to overthrow all present power structures in that area where so much oil and gas was found to influence the newly organized power structurs after ISIS has been defeated. This way they get better deals for utilizing the natural resources of those states.

There will only be global peace and global progress if MoneyMonarchy develops a consciousness for their responsibility to human kind in time and to the devine evolution.

Otherwise, the evolution of life will else erase the human kind from earth as a consequence of the environmental changes made by the greed of MoneyMonarchy.

What is left for politicians

All political systems will be degradet to provide the necessary infrastructe for business activities:

  • Stay out of business regulations.
  • Keep public calm and busy by
    • public information system and advertising.
    • public entertainment.
    • effordless income.
    • controlling consumer behaving.
  • Roads, water, food system regulation.
  • participate in military activities coordinated by the Leviathan.
  • business oriented education system.
  • manage labor force to be ready on the spot if required by business.

Final achievements

Thinking to the end of global reach of MoneyMonarchy shows following picture:

If you look at one of those african countries where an dictator rules the country and  MoneyMonarchy utilized the local natural resources.

MoneyMonarchy keeps the major part of all profit, the dictators clan and its security system receives a lot of money but it is just a fraction of the total profit. The people of the nation receives just a little benefit by the infrastructure required by the MoneyMonarchy.

The people receive nothing else of the natural resources belonging to all people.

This will be exactly the situation in the democratic systems, if ruled by MoneyMonarchy. There will be no difference between a dictatorship system or a democratic system.

Both systems are approaching. Just the wording will be different.

Salvation by autocratic system?

An opposite trend towards an autocratic system in EU and other european countries can be watched.

Their local power players who are no capital soldiers of western MoneyMonarchy are seeking protection against the power tools of MoneyMonarchy by switching the democratic system towards an autocratic system.

The people who force this system change have understood how the western MoneyMonarchy works.

They seek more flexibility for counter activities to keep the control over their local resources and their associated profits. The cost for this control is a reduction of freedom for the people.

Total freedom for all in nation means loss of profit from own resources for all in nation.

And there is no guarantee that the autocratic system will not be utilized to establish the rule set of MoneyMonarchy immediatly.


I know that the world is much more complex than that what I am presenting here. I opened just a small window to my personal view of the world. I kept this complex subject as simple as possible. The huge amount of supporting information on the internet supporting my view of the western MoneyMonarchy is overwhelming.

I also know that neither the russian MoneyMonarchy as well as the asian MoneyMonarchy is much better in their goals and in their behaviour. But the western MoneyMonarchy is the current top dog.

Very interesting is also the fact that no internet media is showing a timeline presenting all activities around the EU gas case, which would instantly proof the will and the goal of MoneyMonarchy to the public.

There are no powerful independent media currently available on the planet. Money is ruling all of them. The very small organizations seeking for the real truth are acting just like David against Goliath.

Goliath does not care much.


Anyone is urged to copy or print this document and distribute it without any changes. If someone wants to add further insights, he is welcome to do so, but he must mark the alterations in the new document as changes from the original document.

Signature: a genuine philanthrop